Audio Database
CD Library

A CD library that can store, organize, search, and play back 100 pieces of CD software.

As the name of the library indicates, 100 pieces of CD software can be sorted into three basic categories : software title, artist name, and music genre. The stored CD software can be played back freely via a dedicated communicator, which is equivalent to a remote control.

It is equipped with a custom LSI computer part including a ROM storing software information.

The title name, artist name and music genre of each CD software to be stored are input into the memory of the CD library by communicator and keyboard. In addition to the usual categories such as orchestra, piano, jazz and pop music, the music genre can be registered with the original name of the music you want to pick up according to the purpose.
You can enter 15 types of music genre per song.

It avoids the degradation of resolution caused by jitter distortion, and uses a high-precision 8 x oversampling digital filter that is selected with the highest priority on sound quality and an 18-bit D/A converter of the highest quality.

In the mechanism section, Philips' CDM1MkII, which has excellent vibration resistance and reliability, is mounted on the transport.

The output jacks are equipped with two unbalanced / balanced analog outputs (fixed and variable) and one balanced / unbalanced digital output.

Model Rating
Type CD library
Number of CDs stored 100 sheets (5-inch CD only)
D/A converter 18-bit DACx2
Filtering 8 x oversampling digital filter
Linear phase analog filter
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz + 0 -0.2 dB
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.004% (1 kHz, 0 dB, A-curve)
Dynamic range 98 dB or more
Signal-to-noise ratio 105dB
Channel separation 120dB
IM Distortion (SMPTE IMD) 0.009%
Low-level linearity Deviation measurement limit up to -70dB or less
Approx. + 1.7 dB up to -90dB (without dither, 0 dB, 1 kHz)
Output impedance 1 Ω or less
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
External dimensions Width 548x Height 845x Depth 548 mm
Weight 79.4kg
Annex : Communicator
External dimensions Width 256x Height 161x Depth 61 mm