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PRIMARE Model302
455,000yen(around the 1995 time)

The compact disk player developed as a player which serves as a pair based on the design concept of full balance integrated amplifier Model301L.

The pickup mechanism is performing the linear tracking operation by a straight Sledge scheme, and carries the digital-servo system original with a primer in the servo mechanism which controls an operation of a mechanism. Since many servo properties are controlled by software control, in the manual coordination, the difficult robustness was acquired and the stable operation has been realized.
Moreover, a silicone rubber material is used for mounting of the whole pickup part, and the propagation of an internal oscillation is reduced.

The cross interferencee is reduced by using a digital part and an analog part as another power source, respectively. In the analog part, the crosstalk which originates a mass custom-made power transformer in a power source as a right-and-left channel independency from a secondary winding is eliminated.
Moreover, taking advantage of this design, the amplification and the full balance transmit which carries out a bridge output are adopted for the signal of + and - on the same requirements, respectively.

Setting up an analog part is finished by the parts of careful selection. Furthermore, it always turns on electricity by the standby functionality where only the power source of a digital part can turn OFF, and the best requirements are maintained.

In a D-A-conversion circuitry, it is a 20-bit sine magnitude scheme digital analog converter of Burr-Brown. PCM1702 is adopted. By the sine magnitude scheme, zero cross distortion made into the greatest hangup of a multiple bit translation is canceled with the scheme of changing the +/-wave of a signal independently, respectively.
In Model302, this PCM1702 was allotted by the right-and-left channel independency, and the multiple bit translation is realized. Thereby, there is little influence of a RF noise compared with a single bit scheme, and the performance of the multiple bit scheme in which a disk information is direct convertible is pulled out.
Moreover, the digital filter is reducing the waveform error by re-quatization as 20-bit 8 time oversampling.

The GIC filter with the gently-sloping curve of the 3rd order is adopted as an analog filter, and it has succeeded in gaining a natural tone quality. Using an active element, since a signal passes only along a passive element, the GIC filter has the distinctive characteristics of being hard to produce distortion and a noise.

A chassis is making the front panel of 10mm thickness into the case structure separated from the main unit, and it has the structure where the digital noise from a display device does not get across to an audio circuitry easily while it improves the rigidity of the whole chassis.

The remote controller which can turn on and off elementary operation and a display-device window is attached.

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Pickup Philips company CDM-12.1/05
Scheme A 20-bit 8 time oversampling sine magnitude scheme digital analog converter
Bur Broun company PCM1702
Digital filter NPC SM5842AP
Balance Output voltage 4.4V
Imbalanced Output voltage 2.2V
Output load impedance 50ohm
compact-disk offset 2mV or less
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20kHz
SN ratio 115dB(A-WTD)
Distortion 0.003% (20Hz - 20kHz)
Output-terminal Analog: XLR connector (balance)
RCA connector (unbalance)
Digital: RCA coaxial connector
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption A maximum of 25W
Dimensions Width 174x height 361x depth of 265mm
Weight 10kg (one set)
Adjunct Wireless remote control