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Precision Fidelity C7a 325,000yen(release time -unknown)

Control amplifier which attained high-quality sound-ization by elaborating a circuitry further based on C4.

The circuit design has followed mostly the dual cascade connection adopted by the previous work, and in order to perform the powering stabilized to the active loading, a powerup and stabilization of the power-source part are attained.

Parts until it results in a detail are changed to a military-rules rank or more highly efficient component partses. Moreover, the sorting article is adopted as the thermionic tube.

Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
<Phono section>
Input impedance 47kohm/50pF
Gain 50dB(1kHz)
Maximum permissible input 400mV (1kHz, peek)
3.7V (20kHz, peek)
THD 0.01% or less (at the time of 1kHz and 5V output)
S/N ratio 73dB (at the time of a 10mV input)
Slew rate 60v/microsec.
<High-level part>
Input impedance 25kohm
Gain 0dB
A low cut-off filter -3dB(12Hz)
Output load impedance Tape out: 2kohm
Main out: 600ohm - 7kohm
Dimensions Front panel: Width 482x height 89x depth of 3.2mm
Main unit: Width 406x depth of 241mm
Weight Main unit: 3.6kg
At the time of an original packaging: 4.5kg