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TAD TN-2 130,000yen(around the 1991 time)
150,000yen(around the 1993 time)

The dividing network of an 8-ohm specification for driving one TL-1601a.
It is adopted as Exclusive model2402.

In order to investigate a low loss and a low leakage thoroughly, OFC was adopted as all the product lines and choke coil coils, and the press joint type which used the OFC sleeve is adopted as the connection way. Moreover, formation of an enlargement metallurgy plating of a terminal, a development, adoption of the quality capacitor, etc. are performed. measure.

By forming line feed character circuitry into a balance circuit, it has succeeded in exclusion of the inter leakage resulting from an earth line.
Furthermore, HF circuitry and line feed character circuitry are separated completely, and the design is performed, such as blotting out muddiness of the sound near a cross over frequency, so that the performance of each combined unit can be pulled out.

Rating of a mode
Form 2 way dividing network
Cross over frequency 650Hz
The maximum input 300W
Impedance 8ohm
Level control Built-in: Fixed-10dB
With outside: Succession good transformation
A constant loss TN-2 L.F.0.4dB
Damping characteristics TN-2 L.F.:-36dB/oct
TN-2 H.F.:-12dB/oct
Dimensions TN-2 L.F.: Width 250x height 300x depth of 102mm
TN-2 H.F.: Width 330x height 59x depth of 150mm
Weight TN-2 L.F.:3.0kg
TN-2 H.F.:1.8kg
Furnished accessory Fixing screw (tapping screw M4x25) x10
Common washer x10
Y form termination x14
Sealing optical-property x1
Level controller x1