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TAD TH-4001 250,000yen(around the 1991 time)
300,000yen(around the 1993 time)

The horn developed in order to demonstrate the wide band property of driver unit TD-4001.
It is adopted as Exclusive model2401twin and model2402.

The stabilized dispersion form by acer-mono plywood is taken, and the directive modification by 10kHz or more made difficult is enabled in the conventional large-sized horn.

The directive model pattern obtained from the actual sound field analyzation is investigated, and the acquisition of the stable listening area and the improvement in a feeling of an orientation are aimed at.


Rating of a mode
Form Stabilized dispersion horn
Cut-off frequency 320Hz
Flare form Hyperbolic curve
The degree of radiation angle 90 degrees (level), 40 degrees (perpendicular)
The diameter of Sloat 50mm (the diameter of driver Sloat conformity: 49.2-50.8mm)
Driver mounting scheme P.C.D 4v of 101.6mm L90" mounting
Dimensions Width 612x height 239x depth of 410mm
Weight 11.2kg
Adjunct Horn fixing-metal x6
Common washer x6
Bolt x6 with a hexagon socket