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Pioneer S-MT5
30,000yen(one set, the 1998 release)

The thin speaker system developed for a destination, such as enjoying an image without being conscious of an entity of a speaker.

A mid ship drive technology is adopted as a unit, and thin shape-ization is attained. This is a structure which has a magnetic circuit in the concave side of the cone type diaphragm of a Woofer.
A small neodymium magnet is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and the Woofer of 12cm aperture is carried in a 53.5mm thin enclosure.
By this technology, the damper between a voice coil and a diaphragm is lost and a supporting of vibration system is concentrated on one point. By bringing a driving point, a supporting point, and a centroid close as much as possible, it is easy to move and is considered as the structure which cannot induce a useless motion easily.

a body colour -- the measure with 2 colors of metallic black and white.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 speakers, and a sealing scheme
- A thin shape and a magnetic-shield design (EIAJ)
Using unit For low-pass: 12cm cone type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Impedance 8ohm
Play frequency band 60Hz - 60000Hz
Output sound pressure level 85dB/W/m
The maximum input 120W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 5000Hz
Dimensions Width 150x height 300x depth of 53.5mm
Weight 960g
Adjunct Saran network
Speaker cable (7mx2)
Wall tapestry bracket