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Pioneer S-LH5a
68,000yen(one set, the 1998 release)

The speaker system which put into practice and improved all the parts, added the enhancement based on S-LH5, and was completed.

The linear power unit with an aperture of 22cm is adopted as a low-pass unit.
The same elegance as the cone paper of TAD is adopted, it is strong to a bending oscillation and the special process has been performed to this unit. Furthermore, it contributes to a weight saving, high-sensitivity-izing, and flattening of the frequency characteristic by the ring quality of the material of the cone paper outermost circumference, and review of a foaming scaling factor.
The edgewise voice coil which raised density to the voice coil and raised the magnetic efficiency ratio is adopted, and the high-intensity aluminum die-casting frame is used for a frame.

The horn type is adopted as a high region.
To the driver, the ill effect of the cavity resonance of a voice coil lower is removed by improving further the efficient rear compression driver who supplied the design know-how of TAD, and putting a magnetic fluid into a magnetic gap.
Moreover, an AFAST-SZ horn considers it as a round opening, equalizes the directivity of an omnidirectional, and is absorbing the vibration by preparing a vocal tube in a horn wall part.

By arranging the diameter of an opening of a height region unit, energy phase relation is improved with the directivity.

The attenuator which can be chosen from three positions of Clear&Rich, Clear, and Rich according to a setting is carried.

Light color grain tone 6th page finish and a fine-tuning enclosure are adopted.

The gilding input terminal in which a bi-wiring interconnection is also possible is carried.

Two are attached for the speaker cable for the bi-wiring of an OFC structure with the cable of a special twist structure.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
- Magnetic-shield design (EIAJ)
Using unit For low-pass: 22cm cone type
For high regions: 3cm compression driver +AFAST-SZ horn
Impedance 4ohm
Play frequency band 33Hz - 30000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
The maximum input 160W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 1200Hz
Dimensions Width 370x height 575x depth of 327mm
Weight 19.2kg
Adjunct OFC speaker cable (2.5mx2)
Option Exclusive speaker table lamp CP-LH5 (35,000yen, It is 1 set in two sets)