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Pioneer S-LH5
65,000yen(one set, the November, 1996 release)

It is the speaker system which took in design experience of TAD (Technical Audio Devices), and employed clearance & Rich as the concept for the linear power Woofer and the AFAST-SZ horn tweeter.

A 22cm cone type Woofer is adopted as low-pass.
The linear power scheme which eliminated the edge with the original technology is used for this Woofer, and it is stopping the ill effect to an unnecessary radiation sound and cone with an edge.
In addition to the edgewise voice coil which raised the density of the voice coil and raised the magnetic efficiency ratio, the development know-how of the TAD unit was applied and the cone which performed the aging treatment and performed tone-quality tuning is adopted.
Moreover, the aluminum die-casting frame is used for the frame supporting a unit.

The horn type tweeter by the AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assited System Tuning) technology adopted as the high region by TAD.
The directivity of an omnidirectional is equalized by giving a round opening, by making the ratio of direct sound and indirect sound suitable, sound has a spread and thickness and the sharp good reproductivity is realized.
Moreover, by preparing a vocal tube in a horn wall part, the vibration of the horn was absorbed and the feeling of a migration before and behind an image is canceled.
Furthermore, by uniting an aperture size with a Woofer, the continuity of directional characteristics, and energy phase relation are improved, and the relation and smoothness of sound which were included to reflective sound are improved.

The newly developed efficient compression driver who supplied the design know-how of TAD everywhere is employed as a driver.
The phasing plug of 2.5 slits adjusted precisely is adopted, and the edgewise voice coil directly wound around the beauty bottle of the diaphragm made from aluminum and one has eliminated the translation loss of a signal.
Furthermore, by combining with the edge made from titanium which removed internal distortion by thermal processing, a purity is higher and reappearance of sound excellent in the retroaction is enabled.

The attenuator which can adjust high region level in three steps is equipped.
Moreover, the crosstalk in minute level is sharply reduced by separating and arranging the substrate the object for low-pass, and for high regions together with adoption of the filter property in consideration of the phase response of a Woofer and a tweeter.
Furthermore, a high-quality sound capacitor, product-line material of a special twist structure, etc. which began the newly developed air core coil and were selected carefully are adopted as a choke coil.

The fine-tuning enclosure to which light color grain tone 6th page finish was given is adopted.

The large-sized gilding input terminal which can also connect a banana plug is carried.

There was a speaker table lamp for exclusive use as an option.

Exclusive Woofer
Backplane Tweeter

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
- Magnetic-shield design (EIAJ)
Using unit For low-pass: 22cm cone type
For high regions: 3cm compression driver +AFAST-SZ horn
Impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 33Hz - 30000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
The maximum input 160W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 1200Hz
Dimensions Width 370x height 575x depth of 328mm
Weight 19.2kg
Adjunct OFC speaker cable adjunct (2.5m)
Option: Speaker table lamp CP-LH5 (an It is 1 set in two sets, 35,000yen)
Dimensions Width 382x height 285x depth of 385mm
Weight 12.3kg