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Pioneer S-HE7
60,000yen(It is 1 set in two sets, around the 1992 time)

The speaker system developed from a new high-sensitivity technology at the base in the wave-front control technology cultivated by development of a vertical twin system, and the high speed-ized technology.

Two Woofers which used 14cmALCC (alginic-acid composite cone) for the diaphragm are carried in low-pass.
In order that this diaphragm may heighten the bonding strength of a high-rigidity substance and pulp, it is 混抄(ing) the alginate fiber which extracted from seaweed, such as sea tangle, and fibrosed, and is improving bonding strength sharply because this alginate fiber works as a binder.

The dome shape tweeter of 2.0cm is adopted as the high region.
The pure ceramic carbon of 99.9% of a purity and the new ceramic carbon borne by the composite material of the ceramic graphite of 99.99% of a carbon purity are adopted as a diaphragm.
Furthermore, the new model-like cross shaped W.F. (wave front) director is employed as the front, and a wave front, an image lateralization, a feeling of sound field, etc. are controlled on the listening point with the wave-front control technology.
Especially the new model-like horn is excellent in perpendicular and horizontal intention nature, and supports a sideways and both of every length.
Moreover, the packing which has the vibration suppression effect around a director is added so that a director may not generate an unnecessary oscillation.

The magnetic circuit of each unit serves as a magnetic-shield type with a canceling magnet.

In order [ which incidental sound sticks because an oscillation of a unit gets across to a baffle, and makes play sound muddy ] for a thing to protect, full mid ship mounting is adopted. The Woofer and the tweeter are firmly fixed to the interior of an enclosure, and an oscillation of a unit is not told to a baffle, but the unnecessary oscillation is suppressed.

In order that an enclosure may heighten the bass-reflex effect, it has adopted the double duct and has improved the image lateralization with centralization of a voice-source location, and a symmetrical location. Moreover, the duct opening has performed the round treatment and is reducing the wind end sound and the diffraction of a duct.
Finish is considering all the 6th page including a rear view as Chinese quince tone finish of the reddish dark brown colour, and is reducing the diffraction of sound by the round baffle.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways and 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme
- A bookshelf type and a magnetic-shield design
Using unit For low-pass: 14cm cone type x2
For high regions: 2cm dome shape +W.F. director
Impedance 6ohm
Play frequency band 50Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 93dB/W/m
The maximum input 100W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 4000Hz
Dimensions Width 250x height 340x depth of 256mm
Weight 7.1kg