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Pioneer S-HE10
65,000yen(one-set, around the 1992 time)

The speaker system which newly supplied the high-sensitivity technology and was developed in order to realize the reproductivity of more real sound field and image for a wave-front control technology and a high speed-ized technology at the base.

Two 25cm cone type woofers which adopted the ALCC (alginic-acid composite cone) diaphragm are adopted as low-pass.
In order that this may heighten the bonding strength of a high powerful poly ant rate fiber and pulp, it is the diaphragm with which the alginate fiber was mixed, is that the alginate fiber extracted from seaweed, such as sea tangle, works as both binder, improved bonding strength, and has gained high rigidity and internal loss.
The magnetic-shield type double magnet which added the canceling magnet is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and it is driving to it with the flux density of 14,300 gauss. Furthermore, since T type pole is adopted, it becomes a magnetic-flux distribution symmetrical with order, and the power linearity which was excellent also at the time of the large swing of a voice coil is obtained.
Moreover, mechanical loss and air resistance have adopted as a damper the butterfly type damper which was excellent in the initial shock sensitivity few, and enable the response exact also to a minute input conjointly with the lightweight Woofer diaphragm at it.

The horn type tweeter has adopted it as a high region.
The rear type compression driver is carried in the driver.
This is a TAD (Technical Audio Devices) unit and the same scheme as Exclusive S5, and the sound drawn by the fading plug This is a TAD (Technical Audio Devices) unit and the same scheme as Exclusive S5, and the sound drawn by the fading plug which adjoins a diaphragm is brought together in the core of an outlet, and it is emitted at a stretch from a horn. Since the length of the path of sound becomes a coincidence, respectively, this rear type has the special feature of excelling in the phase response and the high region property.
It is a thing made from 3cm aperture titanium which has a responsibility high to a diaphragm, and the back cover has adopted the thing made from aluminum die-casting.
Moreover, the horn part has adopted the slant Ingres oval wave horn of the front single word I/O port and really molded new-installation meter.
By this scheme, the structure which gave a 10-degree ramp to the horn flare is adopted so that a tweeter on either side may turn to an inner side, when it sets towards a front view. Thereby, a more natural feeling of sound field is obtained on a central listening point.
Furthermore, since it is an oval type of the soft curved surface about horn form, a horizontal directivity is large and has extended the listening area of stereophonic reproduction.
The quality of the material of a horn has secured vibration suppression nature so that it may be a high product made from aluminum die-casting of rigidity and a molding system and the oscillation with the excessive horn itself may not be generated.

The network thought the tone quality as important and has adopted the distribution only for a unit. Moreover, the floating of the network board was carried out from the enclosure, and it has avoided the influence of an oscillation.

In order not to tell an oscillation of a unit to a baffle, full mid ship mounting is adopted.
The Woofer and the tweeter are firmly fixed to the interior of an enclosure, and the occurrence of the unnecessary oscillation of a baffle is suppressed.

An enclosure utilizes the bass-reflex effect positively for high-efficiency-izing, and has established the single word I/O port in a front baffle and rear. Furthermore, since the single word I/O port was established in the same location, it has a form which the single word I/O port penetrated by the order baffle, and the antiresonance of the single word I/O port is distributed by this.
Moreover, in order to fully demonstrate the performance of a unit, the mass enclosure (72L) is adopted, and the depth is raising the low-pass property as it is full.
Furthermore, a wave-front diffraction is controlled by making a corner baffle round, and diffraction phenomena are reduced by this.
High-density particle board is adopted as the quality of the material of an enclosure, and it has become Chinese quince tone finish of the reddish dark brown colour.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways and 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme
- A bookshelf type and a magnetic-shield design
Using unit For low-pass: 25cm cone type x2
For high regions: 3cm driver + horn
Impedance 6ohm
Play frequency band 35Hz - 30000Hz
Output sound pressure level 98dB/W/m
The maximum input 120W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 2000Hz
Dimensions Width 380x height 680x depth of 410mm
Weight 28.1kg
Option: Speaker table lamp CP-HE10 ( It is 1 set in two sets, 45,000yen)
Speaker setting side size Width 379x depth of 379.5mm
Dimensions Width 425x height 320x depth of 435mm
Weight 13.4kg