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Pioneer S-5000twin
500,000yen(one set, the 1990 release)

The speaker system of the vertical twin scheme which adopted all the crystalline material diamond diaphragms.

The 20cm cone type Woofer by the ALCC (alginic-acid composite cone) diaphragm developed newly over four years of time is adopted as low-pass.
This diaphragm is what mixed the alginate fiber which made filar the alginic acid extracted from seaweed, and fibrosed for the compound oscillating version as for which an aramid fiber is mixed and made to pulp,When an alginate fiber achieves the duty of the binder of pulp and an aramid fiber exactly, the increase of both bonding strength and rigidity are improved.
Moreover, the high linearity magnetic circuit which expanded plate thickness by 2.5 times over the past is adopted as a magnetic circuit. The voice coil has realized short voice coil-ization completely settled in a magnetic gap, and the fall of flux density is suppressed also at the time of the large swing of a voice coil. Moreover, high flux density was obtained and the AlNiCo-Magnet with little higher-harmonic distortion is adopted.
Furthermore, adopting zinc die-casting which has 2.6 times as much specific gravity as aluminum in a frame, and reducing the unnecessary oscillation by high-rigidity-izing, the work is carried out to form so that the air resistance to a diaphragm may become small.
A reflection of the sound from a cone or an edge can be suppressed by performing a hair transplantation manipulation to the gasket top layer of a Woofer. Furthermore, little play sound of muddiness of sound has been obtained according to the vibration suppression effect of the gasket itself.

The 3cm dome shape tweeter by all the crystalline material diamond diaphragms is adopted as a high region.
This diaphragm is not the coated diamond, is made from the polycrystalline of a diamond on the top layer of materials, such as titanium which existed conventionally, 100%, and has employed the original property of a diamond near the ideal of a diaphragm in it efficiently.
Thereby, also in about 3.3 times of titanium, and a play frequency band, a velocity of sound realizes about 3.4 times of titanium, and the internal loss has also realized about three to 5 times of titanium.
Furthermore, the new W.F. (wave front) director who made full use of a wave-front control technology is employed as the front of a tweeter. In order for the director's material to serve as acer-mono laminating shaving appearance excellent in the acoustic feature by the high rigidity and to unite an energy response with a Woofer,While adjusting a diaphragm installment location, in order to improve a spread of the intention nature of the up-and-down orientation, oneself of a director's horn form is carried out.
Moreover, the AlNiCo-Magnet was adopted as the magnetic circuit and zinc die-casting which has 2.6 times as much specific gravity as aluminum also in the flange of a tweeter is adopted. Furthermore, the excessive vibration is suppressed by performing a hair transplantation manipulation to the top layer of zinc die-casting.

The unit routing serves as a vertical twin system which made full use of a wave-front control technology, and the sound of all the bands is emitted focusing on the tweeter. Moreover, the bass play which is massive by considering it as the twin Woofer of a small caliber is realized.
A wave-front control technology is a technology of solving scientifically how the wave front of the sound emitted from each unit spreading, and reaching to a listener's ear,"The energy time response of a Woofer and a tweeter is adjusted on a time base,"The control is strictly carried out covering four points of "electric phases, such as a network, are made "the directivity of a Woofer and a tweeter is controlled by a perimeter wave number band", and to agree", and "controlling the wave-front diffraction by baffle form."

In order not to tell the unnecessary oscillation from each unit to a baffle, the full mid ship mounting scheme is adopted.
The Woofer is fixing the tweeter to the inner baffle in an enclosure from the rear view of a baffle through a hair transplantation layer, and is reducing the unnecessary oscillation of a baffle by mounting a unit on places other than a baffle top layer.
Furthermore, the floating top who suppresses an unnecessary oscillation of a top plate, and the shielding frame which intercepts the oscillation from a frame are adopted,Network mounting also separated each unit circuitry, especially covered the tweeter circuitry with felt from the bottom, and has eliminated the unnecessary oscillation from an enclosure.

A Woofer circuitry and a tweeter circuitry are made to gain separate independence, a calking sticking-by-pressure product line is performed, and the transmit loss of a signal is reduced.
The measures against vibration proof also with careful mounting of each element were taken, and it has considered and arranged so that it may not be influenced by a crosstalk.
Moreover, the input to a network has adopted the radial power-feeding scheme so that signal transmission can be carried out direct and uniformly.

The enclosure has stuck the Veneer Sheet of high-class walnut real material, and has employed the grain of natural precious wood efficiently. Furthermore, compared with the usual oil finish, the numbers of times of polish is increased and it has become the finish which improved smooth nature.
Moreover, the sound-absorption effect is high, and uses the wool yarn which was excellent in tone quality for acoustic material, and the unnecessary stationary wave in an enclosure is reduced.

The bi-wiring contact button which can carry out the separation power feeding of the circuitry the object for basses and for loud sounds is adopted.

Tweeter Woofer

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways and 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme
- A Tallboy type and a magnetic-shield design
Using unit For low-pass: 20cm cone type x2
For high regions: 3cm dome shape +W.F. director
Impedance 6ohm
Play frequency band 28Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level 91dB/W/m
The maximum input (EIAJ) 180W
Cross over frequency 1800Hz
Dimensions Width 298x height 1080x depth of 425mm
Weight 49.5kg