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Pioneer S-1300DV
35,000yen(one set, the 1985 release)

The speaker system also corresponding to [ in the capacity to condense the technical essence of S-180D to a compact enclosure, and to fully reproduce the charm of the digital source ] the ill effect to the Braun tube by magnetic shield design.

The 22cm cone type unit which adopted the EBD (Electronic Bass Drive) scheme which aims at a low-pass expansion electrically with a double voice coil is adopted as low-pass.
Furthermore, the LDMC (Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit) scheme is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and swing 単数形 are sharply reduced by raising the linearity of the driving force by a swing.
DRS (Dynamic Response Suspension) which shows a responsibility high from the minute input to the Dainyuu power is adopted as an oscillating supporting system.

The 6.6cm cone type unit which adopted the dress boron alloy diaphragm born from the repetition of computer simulation is adopted as a mid range.
To the voice coil, it is driving with the phi35mm voice coil.

The beryllium ribbon type unit of a direct-drive structure is adopted as a high region.
A new model-like horn raises the energy near a crossover and the directivity is also improving.

The dual magnet magnetic shield scheme which combined another [ which reduces leakage flux ] magnet, and a cap is adopted as the magnetic circuit of a Woofer.
Moreover, the mid range and the tweeter are reducing leakage flux by covering with a magnetic shielding cap.

A round baffle is adopted as an enclosure and the event of the diffraction phenomena is carried out to it by preparing R in a corner.

The model of black finish was besides grain finish.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways and 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme
- A bookshelf type and a magnetic-shield design
Unit For low-pass: 22cm cone type
For mid ranges: 6.6cm cone type
For high regions: Ribbon type
Impedance 6ohm
Play frequency band 40Hz - 50000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Rated input 40W
The moment maximum input 120W
Cross over frequency 1000Hz, 5000Hz
Dimensions Width 270x height 470x depth of 243mm
Weight 12kg