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Pioneer S-1000twinA
240,000yenone-set(one-set, around the 1992 time)

The speaker system which pursued higher completeness, and was thrown in and developed in the technology of S-5000 while inheriting the charm of S-1000twin.

Two 20cm cone type Woofers are adopted as low-pass.
In order to heighten the bonding strength of high-rigidity substances (a carbon fiber, an aramid fiber, etc.) and pulp, ALCC (alginic-acid composite cone) which mixed the alginate fiber and was made is used for a diaphragm.
An alginate fiber is what fibrosed the alginic acid extracted from seaweed filar, uses this as a high-rigidity substance and a binder of pulp, is heightening bonding strength and carries out good quality of a high rigidity and the Takauchi part loss.
Moreover, in S-1000twinA, the poly ant rate fiber which was newly excellent in impact-absorbing power as a high-rigidity substance is mixed, and the retroaction of the diaphragm of a Woofer is improved.
Moreover, the edgewise volume by the ribbon line is adopted as a voice coil, and since the pulse duty factor of the coil in a magnetic gap is high, the driving force of a cone is improving about 10% compared with the former.
The AlNiCo-Magnet is adopted as a magnetic circuit. Moreover, the copper short ring is added, it prevents magnetizing magnetic material, such as the nearby pole and a plate, and distortion is suppressed.
Furthermore, CRA made from an Ecsaine (Cap Resonance Absorber) is added to the vertex of a center cap, and a reduction of the surface noise on the top layer of a center cap is aimed at,Zinc die-casting which has 2.6 times as many specific gravity in a frame compared with aluminum is adopted as a frame, and the unnecessary oscillation is reduced.

The dome tweeter of 3cm is adopted as a high region.
The ceramic graphite diaphragm of 99.99% of a carbon purity is adopted as a diaphragm, and this is driven with the AlNiCo-Magnet and the OFC edgewise volume voice coil to it.
Moreover, in order to mention the bonding strength of a top plate and a flange, cutting is put into a top plate and flatness is raised.
Furthermore, the W.F. (wave front) director borne by the wave-front control technology is employed as the front. This W.F. director is built with the acer-mono laminate shaving appearance currently used also for Exclusive S5, and is coinciding the wave front of the sound in a listener's listening location by performing a coordination of a time base with a Woofer, and the directive control by horn form.

The enclosure serves as a vertical twin system which arranges two Woofers up and down focusing on a tweeter.
The wave-front control technology is introduced into the design,"Electric phases, such as a network, are made "the energy time of a Woofer and a tweeter is adjusted on a time base", "the directivity of a Woofer and a tweeter being controlled", "the directivity of a Woofer and a tweeter being controlled", and to agree." "Baffle formThe implementation of the more ideal speaker system is aimed at by performing strictly that a wave-front diffraction is controlled" etc.
The mid ship mounting scheme is adopted as a fixture of a unit, a Woofer tweeter is fixed to the inner baffle inside an enclosure, and the unnecessary oscillation is reduced. Furthermore, absent-resonance-ization is pursued by the floating top, a shielding frame, etc.
Moreover, population leather is given to a baffle side and the improvement in a feeling of S/N is aimed at in respect of the tone quality.

The backplane duct is adopted in order to avoid the unnecessary radiation sound of the mid range from a duct.

Finish of an enclosure is the real wood Veneer-Sheet material of a walnut, and is carrying out oil stain finish. Moreover, the bird's-eye maple is adopted as a top plate.
The Saran network has adopted the thing of two color of new colours which is textile.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a Tallboy type
Using unit For low-pass: 20cm cone type x2
For high regions: 3cm dome shape +W.F. director
Impedance 6ohm
Play frequency band 28Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 91.5dB/W/m
The maximum input 180W(EIAJ)
Cross over frequency 1800Hz
Dimensions Width 276x height 1060x depth of 407mm
Weight 44kg