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EXCLUSIVE model3401-W
420,000yen(one-set, around the 1981 time)

The floor type speaker system which kept the basics faithfully on the basis of the ideal "the speaker which forgets an entity of an audio equipment and can be fascinated by the music itself", and maintained the whole balance for the completeness of each unit with slight height on it.

EL-403 which is a 40cm cone type Woofer is adopted as low-pass.
Newly developed cone paper is used for the diaphragm, and low-pass distortion is reduced by the highly efficient low-distortion magnetic circuit by an AlNiCo-Magnet.

ED-915 of a driver unit and horn EH-351S are adopted as a mid-high range.
ED-915 has realized a 22kHz high region play with the large diameter of 48mm in diameter using the ultralight diaphragm made from a beryllium. Moreover, the Mie slit type was adopted as the fading plug, and the super-precision instrument manipulation and the interval have improved the transient. The AlNiCo-Magnet is adopted as a magnet.
EH-351S of a wood sectoral horn -- the 1st phon and the birch of precision aluminum casting -- it is constituted by wooden [ made of plywood / the 2nd phon of ].

ET-703 which is a horn type super tweeter is adopted as a super-high region.
The combination of a high flux density magnetic circuit with a beryllium diaphragm 35mm in diameter and a rare earth magnet has realized a 45kHz high region play.
Moreover, the horn part serves as a diffraction type with a large directivity.

EN-907 is adopted as a network part.
The design which is equal also to a maximum of 300W input is performed, and a tone-quality modification, such as using the metallized film type focused on a tone quality for a Low-noise-izing, the reduction in direct current resistance, and a capacitor, is aimed at in the coil.
Moreover, the panel side is equipped with the termination for multi-amplifier which is easy to use.

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Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 40cm cone type (EL-403)
For mid-high ranges: Horn type (ED-915+EH-351S)
For high super- regions: Horn type (ET-703)
Network: EN-907
Play frequency band 30Hz - 45kHz
Output sound pressure level 97dB/W/m
Maximum output sound pressure level 122dB
Impedance 8ohms
Rated input 150W
The maximum input 300W
Cross over frequency 900Hz, 7kHz
Dimensions Width 622x height 837x depth of 567mm
Weight 71kg