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EXCLUSIVE model2402
850,000yen(one set, the November, 1983 release)

The professional studio monitor speaker system developed as the small control room which adopted the unit of TAD (Technical Audio Devices) and was developed, or an object for an edit.

TL-1601a of a 40cm cone type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The high efficiency is realized by having raised thoroughly the magnetic circuit of an AlNiCo-Magnet using, the combination of lightweight vibration system, and the initial shock sensitivity of an oscillating supporting system.
Furthermore, in order to improve the endurance demanded as an object for pros, it corresponds by coupling of the smooth oscillating supporting system of a motion which pierced through DRS (dynamic response suspension) thought, and a special aging cone.
Moreover, the endurance excellent also in the using of the Dainyuu power long time has been conjointly acquired with the heat-dissipation design with the sufficient voice coil of high heat resistance and efficiency ratio.

Driver unit TD-4001 and horn TD-4001 are carried in the high region.
TD-4001 has realized the wide band play (600Hz - 20kHz) by adoption of the Alnico magnetic circuit of flux density 20,000Gauss, and 10cm in diameter a large-sized beryllium diaphragm.
Moreover, TH-4001 is the stabilized dispersion horn developed in order to demonstrate the capacity of TD-4001, and has succeeded in the directive modification by 10kHz or more made difficult in the conventional large-sized horn. Furthermore, the large listening area is secured by realizing the directive effective pattern obtained from actual sound field research. The acer mono is used for the material.

TN-2 which is a dividing network of TAD is adopted as a network.
OFC (oxygen free high conductivity copper) was adopted as the product-line code or the choke coil coil, and thorough low-loss-izing and reduction in a leakage, such as connection of a press join type, a gilding large-sized terminal, adoption of a quality capacitor, etc. which use an OFC sleeve, are realized.
Moreover, making HF circuitry and line feed character circuitry separate etc., in order to form line feed character circuitry into a balance circuit in order to remove the inter leakage resulting from an earth line, and also to sweep away muddiness of the sound in a crossover is the custom-made design which demonstrates the performance of each unit.

High-rigidity-ization is attained by adopting apitong plywood as an enclosure. Reinforcement of frame structure effective for this was added, and sufficient intensity is secured.

At Detailed
TL-1601a TD-4001 TN-2

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit etc. For low-pass: 40cm cone type (TL-1601a)
For high regions: Horn type (TD-4001+TH-4001)
Network: TN-2
Play frequency band 29Hz - 20kHz
Rated input 150W
The maximum input 300W
Impedance 8ohm
Output sound pressure level 95dB
Maximum output sound pressure level 120dB/m
Cross over frequency 650Hz
Dimensions Width 660x height 798x depth of 614mm
Enclosure depth: 480mm
Weight 93kg