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A professional studio monitor speaker system developed for small control rooms and editing.
In addition to inheriting the design philosophy of the model2401twin and model2402, we are pursuing sound that can respond to a wide range of genre sources by responding to the diversification of music sources and high quality sound.

A 25 cm cone woofer TAD TL-1102 is mounted in the low range.
The diaphragm is a composite cone made of natural pulp, which has undergone an aging process, laminated with a special film, and coated with a special damping paint.
In addition, the magnetic circuit uses an internal magnetic type with an Alnico magnet that can reduce the second harmonic distortion in principle. By designing with a margin for the magnet operating point, the sensitivity drop due to demagnetization at high power is also kept low.
Furthermore, in order to stabilize the transmission of driving force, the yoke and plate of the magnetic circuit are integrally molded by a special casting method, and the center pole is also screwed to the yoke. This improves the synthesis of the magnetic circuit by approximately four times.

The driver unit TAD TD-2002 and the compact design horn TAD TH-2002 are mounted in the high range.
The TD 2002 uses a lightweight and highly rigid 4.8 cm beryllium diaphragm and an alnico magnet with a magnetic flux density of approximately 20,000 Gauss to achieve excellent linearity. In addition, the phasing plug, which prevents phase disturbance of sound waves, uses an annular slit type that facilitates phase matching in ultra-high frequencies. The power supply section has been reviewed and the terminal on the diaphragm assay is now a direct power supply terminal that directly goes out of the back cover. This reduces the influence of internal AC magnetic flux and sound pressure and provides clear sound quality.
The TH-2002 is a horn whose directivity is controlled by wave-front control technology. The directivity angle is set to 60 ° horizontally and 30 ° vertically in consideration of small-capacity monitor rooms. In addition, by adopting an asymmetric vertical horn based on the Asymmetrical Pattern, Axis & Level (APAXIAL) method, smooth output-sound pressure characteristics are obtained, and directivity control in the vertical direction is actively performed. This reduces the influence of reflection from the top of the enclosure or from the ceiling and provides clear orientation. In addition, by adopting AFAST (Acoustic Filter Assisted System Tuning) to suppress the resonance characteristic of the horn, the sound is absorbed by the acoustic tube installed in the upper part of the horn, and the back and forth movement of sound image due to pitch (sound height) is eliminated, and the articulation of reproduced sound is improved.

Sold separately, there was a special speaker stand for model2251 for listening.
The dedicated speaker stand CP-2251 uses a 3-point support system regardless of the flatness of the ground surface to ensure stability. It is also constructed in a triangular shape with a thick wooden frame so that the sound quality is not adversely affected by resonance or sound reflection.
You can adjust the sound quality by making the triangular bottom face or top face face to the listening position, or by supporting the point with the attached wooden pole.

There was a dedicated CGR speaker cable, TAD TC-105, to match the model2251 CGR (Capacitive Gap Reduction) system.
Two 4-core conductors are connected to each other to form a + wire and a - wire. The amount of attenuation is reduced by careful selection of constituent materials. In addition, the structure has a braided ground wire on the sheath side and a center ground wire in the center of the 4-core conductor to eliminate the influence of unnecessary current.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 2-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Bookshelf Type
Units used, etc. For Low Band : 25 cm Cone Type (TL-1102)
For High Range : Horn Type (TD-2002 + TH-2002)
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 25 kHz
Max Input 500W
Impedance 8 Ω
Output sound pressure level 93dB
Maximum output sound pressure level 120dB/m
Crossover frequency 950Hz
External dimensions Width 450x Height 650x Depth 450 mm
Enclosure Depth : 420 mm
Weight 47kg