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EXCLUSIVE model2251
600,000yen(one set, the 1993 release)

The professional studio monitor speaker system developed a small control room and for the edit.
While inheriting the design concept of model2401twin and model2402, in response to diversification and high-quality-sound-izing of a music source, the sound which can respond to the source of a broad genre is investigated.

25cm cone type Woofer TAD TL-1102 is carried in low-pass.
The diaphragm laminates the special film to the natural pulp which performed the aging treatment, and also is coating the special coating for braking in the top layer.
Moreover, the AlNiCo-Magnet which can reduce secondary higher-harmonic distortion theoretically is used for a magnetic circuit, and the sensitivity fall by the demagnetization at the time of high power is also low suppressed by performing the design which has a margin also in the magnet operating point.
Furthermore, for a propagation stabilization of driving force, when integral moulding of the yoke and plate of a magnetic circuit is carried out and the upper center pole also carries out a screw stop to a yoke with special casting, the synthetic of a magnetic circuit is improved by about 4 times.

TAD TD-2002 of a driver unit and compact design horn TAD TH-2002 are carried in the high region.
TD-2002 has adopted the 4.8cm aperture beryllium diaphragm of a light weight and a high rigidity, and also has realized the linearity excellent in the magnetic circuit of the AlNiCo-Magnet adoption which obtains the flux density of about 20,000 Gauss. Moreover, the circular slit type which the phase matching in a super-high region tends to perform is adopted as the phasing plug which prevents disorder of the phase of an elastic wave. And a power-feeding part is looked over again and it is considered as the direct power-feeding terminal out of which the terminal on diaphragm assay comes directly out of a back cover. Influence of internal alternating-current magnetic flux or sound pressure was lessened by this, and the clear tone quality has been obtained.
TH-2002 is the horn which performed the directive control with the wave-front control technology, and the angle of beam spread is set as 60 degrees of horizontals, and 30 degrees of perpendicularities in consideration for small-scale monitor rooms. Furthermore, by adoption of the vertical asymmetry horn by the APAXIAL (Asymmetrical Pattern, Axis&SFT Level) technique, while acquiring a smooth output sound pressure property, the directive control of the up-and-down orientation is performed positively. This suppressed the influence of reflective from an enclosure top edge or a ceiling, and the clear orientation has been obtained. Moreover, in order to suppress a vibration peculiar to a horn, AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning) is adopted, and it absorbs by the vocal tube prepared in the horn upper portion,A migration before and after the image by a pitch (pitch of sound) is lost, and the articulation of play sound is raised.

As an option, there was an exclusive speaker table lamp in the case of using model2251 as an object for listening.
The three-position type of mounting which does not ask the flat nature of a ground plane was used for exclusive speaker table-lamp CP-2251, and it has secured the stability. Moreover, it constitutes from a thick wooden frame in the shape of a triangle so that it may have an ill effect on a tone quality by neither a vibration nor reflection of sound.
A front view or a vertex is used as a front view for a triangle-like bottom face to a listening location, or tone control is possible for the point supporting by the attached wooden pole etc.

According to the CGR (Capacitive Gap Reduction) system of model2251, there was speaker cable TAD TC-105 for exclusive use CGR-ized.
It connects two conductors of four cores at a time, and is considered as + line and - line, and the attenuation is reduced by careful selection of constituent material. Furthermore, the influence of an unnecessary electric current is eliminated with the structure which took the center earth wire in the center of the earth wire of a braid, and the conductor of four cores to the sheath side.

At Detailed
TL-1102 TD-2002 TH-2002
Exclusive CP-2251 TAD TC-105

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit etc. For low-pass: 25cm cone type (TL-1102)
For high regions: Horn type (TD-2002+TH-2002)
Play frequency band 30Hz - 25kHz
The maximum input 500W
Impedance 8ohm
Output sound pressure level 93dB
Maximum output sound pressure level 120dB/m
Cross over frequency 950Hz
Dimensions Width 450x height 650x depth of 450mm
Enclosure depth: 420mm
Weight 47kg