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Image of EW-302

A woofer system which is the woofer part of Exclusive's Model2301 speaker system.

It is equipped with a 30m cone type woofer as a low frequency unit.

The use of a front-loaded horn system gives the sound of the horn system.
In addition, the bass reflex method has been added to improve the thickness of the middle and low range.

Built-in network for 2-way H / F.

LI code is adopted.

Model Rating
Method 1-Way, 1-Speaker, Front-Loaded Horn, Bass-ref System, Floor Type
Units Used For low band : 30 cm cone type
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 50 Hz to 1 kHz
Rated input 50W
Max Input 100W
Output sound pressure level 97dB/W/m
Air gap total flux 210,000Maxwell
Air gap magnetic flux density 10,000Gauss
Network type Constant Resistance Parallel Type 2 Way
Damping property 12dB/oct
Crossover frequency 800Hz
External dimensions Width 635x Height 750x Depth 482 mm
Weight 39.5kg