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Pioneer CS-3000
80,000yen(one-set, around the 1972 time)

The system completed with backing by sufficient hearing it lump while acquiring the outstanding property, after not pursuing only a property, but returning to the origin of the speaker system design and fully examining the original way that should be.

A 30cm cone type unit is adopted as low-pass.
The modification of a low-pass property is carried out at the same time it sticks a special damping material on a strengthening cone and prevents a splitting oscillation in a high region, in order to have adopted FB scheme clear cone as cone paper and also to bear the Dainyuu power.
Furthermore, quality foaming urethane material is used for an edge, and it is few, and the transition on the property by a temperature change is stabilized, and is aiming at the modification of a property.
The voice coil was made into the edgewise volume by the aluminum ribbon line, and the effect of the short volume multiplied it to an aluminum foil bobbin, thermosetting epoxy adhesives, and it, and it has improved the heat-dissipation effect and input characteristics-proof.
The same diameter 180mmphi as what is adopted as a 38cm Woofer in Pioneer that is a size, and a magnet 1.8kg in diameter are adopted as the magnetic circuit.
Furthermore, for the reduction of a distortion, a pure-copper cap is put on a center pole, and the magnetic distortion (driving force distortion) resulting from a magnetic circuit is pressed down thoroughly.

A 6.5cm dome shape unit is adopted as the mid range.
The wired suspension scheme by a beryllium raincoat line is adopted as the suspension of vibration system.
This suspension is the way of supporting a dome shape vibration portion by five points through a wire,Drawing some curve in the oscillating orientation, in order to give the geotropism of an oscillation, the mold of the wire is carried out by the silicone rubber of the shape of a taper which becomes thin as the flange side is thick and goes to the voice coil side.
By adoption of this suspension, a radiation of the sound which comes out of an edge is prevented, and also the precision of a supporting unit is added, and the modification of a sharp distorted falloff and a transient is achieved.
The size of a diaphragm is set to 65mm in consideration of a crossing point etc., and while pressing down a swing small, the falloff of IM distortion is aimed at.
In the magnetic circuit, the back chamber was prepared in the rear and fo has realized 300Hz lowness. It puts glass wool also into a back chamber, and is raising sufficient sound-absorption effect at the same time the hole which was able to be made in the center of the pole is processed in the shape of a taper, sticks felt on an inside and prevents a vibration.
Furthermore, a copper cap is put on a center pole like a Woofer, and the distorted occurrence from a magnetic circuit is pressed down.
Diameter 156mmphi and a large-sized thing with a weight of 1.2kg were adopted as the magnet, and the edgewise volume by the aluminum ribbon line is adopted as a voice coil.

A 2.0cm dome shape unit is adopted as a high region.
The diameter serves as vibration system which combined the edgewise volume voice coil of the foaming urethane edge of a double structure, and the aluminum ribbon line with 20mm and a 30-micro-thick duralumin dome.
Directional characteristics are made to make it wide by the diameter of a dome being small and giving deep depth.
An edge is a double structure, since the front is a succession air-bubbles side, does not have a radiation of the sound from an edge and is carrying out the distorted reduction. Furthermore, micro glass wool is embedded so much to the interior of a dome.
The fin of ten sheets prepared in the front is raising the diffusion effect of sound to the diaphragm protection and the concurrent.
The thing of the flux density 16,000G is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and the thing of the size with a size of a magnet equivalent to PAX-A16 which is a 16cm speaker is adopted.

The network serves as attenuation 12 dB/oct.
Moreover, lifting of the impedance in fo of a mid range and a tweeter is corrected by a corrective network, the impedance of each speaker is made into the flat, a barrier property is gentle and the property near a crossover which is and meets is improved.
Performing a level control by a step down of a coil, and the simultaneous change of a correction resistor, a mid range becomes four steps of change, and a high range has become five steps of changes at a 2dB step by a 2dB step.

An enclosure is an air suspension scheme and attention is paid to the quality of the material and a process.
It is adopted as a material in the combination of the hard particle board of 25mm of board thicknesses, and lauan plywood, and internal reinforcement changes to the conventional cylindrical reinforcing materials, what made four small holes in common material is used, and the purpose of preventing a stationary wave is attained by reinforcement and the concurrent of front and rear, right and left.
The glass wool which amounts to 800 moreg is built in tidily, and the effective treatment is performed.
Furthermore, an enclosure baffle side elaborates a grill network at the same time it maintains perfect planar nature, and it is kept from spoiling the reproducing characteristics of a speaker.
The top layer serves as gorgeous finish of the Brazi LeAnn Lowe's wood.

Internal Woofer

Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 speaker air suspension scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 30cm cone type
For mid ranges: 6.5cm dome shape
For high regions: 2.0cm dome shape
Impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 30Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level 88dB/W/m
The maximum input 100W
Cross over frequency 700Hz, 4000Hz
At the time of multi-amplifier system usage
Two ways: 600Hz - 1000Hz
Three ways: 600Hz - 1000Hz, 4000Hz - 6000Hz
Dimensions Width 360x height 630x depth of 327mm
Weight 32kg