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Pioneer CS-100
96,000yen(around the 1971 time)

A large-sized floor type 3 way speaker system.

PW-38F which is the 38cm cone type unit which adopted the large-sized magnetic circuit is adopted as low-pass.

PM-16B of a 16cm cone type unit is used for a two-piece parallel at the mid range.

The horn type unit is adopted as a high region. The unit has adopted program-transfer-7 put on the market alone and has improved directional characteristics by the square-shaped exponential horn made from aluminum die-casting.
Moreover, the aluminum light alloy is used for a diaphragm and the weight saving of vibration system is attained.

The mid range and the high region carry the switchpoint type level control of a three-step switching.
In accordance with liking, three kinds of switchings, Increase, Normal, and Decrease, are possible.

Using an enclosure as perfect closed mold, the board thickness is using a 30mm thing.
The top layer serves as finish which employed the grain of the native wood rosewood efficiently.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 4 speakers, a sealing scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 38cm cone type
For mid ranges: 16cm cone type x2
For high regions: Horn type
Impedance 8ohm
Play frequency band 20Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level 97dB/W
The maximum input 60W
Dimensions Width 600x height 960x depth of 445mm
Weight 63kg