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Pioneer T-555WR
59,800yen(1990 release)

The twin recording-play reverse deck which carried out independent loading of FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM, Dolby B-C NR, Dolby HX PRO, an operation system & counter, and the recording-play quick reverse at Deck I and deck IBM PCN II, respectively.

The recording-play frequency characteristic of a tapes is maintained at a flat, and FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM (Frequency-response and SFT Level Auto Tuning System) which pulls out the performance of a tapes to the maximum extent is carried double,By two points, low-pass (400Hz) and a high region (10kHz), it tunes up by auto in order of a bias -> level -> equalizer. The status is displayed also on function-logic-diagram display device during a coordination.
Moreover, after a coordination of Deck I finishes at the time of parallel sound-recording / relay sound recording, the relay FLAT functionality to adjust deck IBM PCN II automatically is also carried.

Dolby B-C NR is carried in the two decks, respectively.
Moreover, Dolby HX PRO is carried in both the decks, the exaggerated bias started when recording sound with much high region fraction is prevented, and the fall of a high region property is improved.

Operation systems, such as a thumb and a switchpoint, are arranged as much as possible for the twin right and left, and the counter also carries 2 mode counter of a deck I-IBM PCN II independency.
In the display device, he carries function logic diagram of three colors, and, also visually, can enjoy himself on it.

The recording-play quick reverse is adopted as both the decks.

The cassette stabilizer is carried in order to suppress the rotational vibration of a motor, and an oscillation of the cassette half by the sound pressure of a speaker. A cassette holder is equipped with the half pressure of a special resin for the stabilizer of special rubber, and a cassette half's each sides are firmly fixed to the main-unit side of the deck with the stabilizer.
Furthermore, the stable run of a tapes is realized by having adopted the double nowait-lock organization in which the whole cassette holder is pressed down from each sides, and improving vibrational absorption nature thoroughly.

In order to realize no vibrating and absent-resonance-ization of the main unit of the deck, the honeycomb chassis and the large-sized insulator are adopted.

The laser-amorphous head of a LC-OFC (line type crystal oxygen free high conductivity copper) coil is adopted as a magnetic recording reproducing head.
Moreover, conductivity was raised and the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line power cord and the electrolytic capacitor for audios of the polar attached indicator which reduces nonlinear distortion are adopted.

Also when the copy level adjustment functionality (at the time of a constant-speed) is carried and a recording level carries out an edit copy from a various tapes, it can copy by keeping step with fixed level using a copy level adjustment functionality.

The functionality corresponding to a compact disk-DECK synchro is carried.

The parallel sound-recording functionality in which the one source can be recorded to 2 concurrents, and the relay sound recording which can record succession 3 hours,The auto space REC mute which will be in a sound-recording pause status on a structure automatic-for 4 seconds target about the blank skip function which detects a silent sound-recording part and is fast forwarded automatically, and a silent fraction,The transfer song selection functionality of 15 music is carried the double-speed copy which can dub a tapes easily quickly, a synchro start, a synchro stop function, and approximately.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Gilding Honeycomb

Rating of a mode
Form Twin recording-play double reverse deck
Track scheme 4 track two-channel stereo
Head Recording play: LC-OFC coil laser-amorphous head x2
Erasure: Ferrite head x2
Motor For capstans: DC servo motorx2
For reels: DC-motorx2
Wow and flutter }0.1%W-peak (EIAJ)
already -- volume time (C-60) About 90 seconds
the frequency characteristic (EIAJ) Metal tape: 20Hz-20kHz}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
Chromium tapes: 20Hz-19kHz}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
Normal tape: 20Hz-18kHz}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
SN ratio (metal tape) 56dB (EIAJ / peek recording level, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby C on: 73dB (3% of the 3rd THD, auditory sensation weighting)
Distortion (EIAJ/1kHz, 3rd THD) 1.0% (metal tape)
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 63mV / 57kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 316mV / 3.2kohm
Headphone: 0.25mW/eight ohm
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 28W
Dimensions Width 420x height 135x depth of 318.5mm
Weight 5.7kg
Adjunct Remote control CU-T003