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Image of T-1100S

This cassette deck has been developed as a new reference model with a wide range system, Dolby S and FLAT SYSTEM.

Equipped with a wide-range system that greatly improves the high-pass limit of recording and re-frequency characteristics.
This technology focuses on the strong magnetic properties of metal tapes. It is realized by a fine-tuned azimuth head that tunes the azimuth parallelism of the recording and reproducing heads in a three dimensional manner on the order of sub-micron. This head greatly reduces azimuth loss in the high-frequency range, improves the left and right phase characteristics in the high-frequency range, and improves the sense of orientation.
In addition, the recording and playback amplifier has also been widened, and the peak of the resonance point of the equalizer has been raised to 30 kHz. This improves the transient response characteristics, gives a sharp rise, and reduces unnecessary ringing at the fall.

A newly developed two stage high-speed playback amplifier is used for the playback equalizer amplifier.
The first stage employs a low-noise FET differential amplifier first stage, and a high-performance high-speed OP amplifier is used in the second stage to achieve low-noise and wide-band operation.
In addition, an A-class operation FET buffer amplifier is used for the output of the recording amplifier to provide a stable current supply that is not affected by the load of the recording head.

In order to prevent the deterioration of sound quality caused by the control current flowing into the audio circuit, we have adopted a MOS FET capable of low-current operation in the interface section from the system control to the audio circuit. This eliminates the influence of the control current and realizes high-purity music transmission.

In the power supply section, the positive and negative power supply are separated from the winding of the power transformer to the ground pattern, and the signal d in which the positive and negative signals change randomly realizes independent operation.
The output impedance within the audible band is less than 0.001 Ω, reducing noise and improving transient response characteristics.

Equipped with Dolby S that reduces noise by up to 24 dB in the high range and up to 10 dB in the low range.
In addition, micro-level sound and breathing noise have been greatly reduced.

The FLAT SYSTEM is installed in order to take out the performance of the tape by correcting the frequency characteristics of the tape to be flat.
The FLAT SYSTEM is designed to adjust the bias and equalizer sensitivity at three points : low-frequency (400 Hz), mid-range (3 kHz), and ultra-high-frequency (15 kHz). A microcomputer with a resolution of 64 steps for bias, 16 steps for mid-range with equalizer, and 32 steps for recording level automatically adjusts the bias and equalizer sensitivity in a short time.
In addition, you can make fine adjustments according to your preference by manual operation.

Direct construction is used to eliminate transmission loss and noise, greatly shortening the signal path from the input terminal to the recording head and from the playback head to the output.
In addition, the input volume is controlled by a long shaft in order to make it close to the input terminal, and the line straight function is equipped to bypass the balance volume, so that transmission loss and noise are reduced thoroughly.

It adopts a slant mechanism in which the entire tape transport section is tilted by 10 °, and realizes smooth rotation of a heavy flywheel and elimination of microvibration in the axial direction.
In addition, to eliminate vibration and resonance, we have adopted cassette stabilizers, door pockets made of high-density materials, motor vibration insulators that absorb vibration energy by using special reinforced plastic motor brackets and non-resilient rubber between the motor and mechanical chassis, and insulated doors that block external vibration.

Equipped with a peak level calibration function, once the peak level of the input signal is held, the microcomputer assists and adjusts the recording volume to recording volume to an appropriate level to eliminate the distortion caused by the input of an excessive signal.
The meter range can be switched between -35dB to + 8 dB and -7dB to + 8 dB.

Equipped with a last memory function, it can store various FLAT SYSTEM data, Dolby HX PRO, Dolby NR, meter range, switch on/off position, electronic counter numbers, etc.

In order to prevent noise from entering the signal system, a midship mount structure with a mechanism placed in the center is adopted.

Equipped with a digital tension control that automatically adjusts the tape winding torque.

The head uses a laser amorphous head with PC-OCC (single-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper) winding.
The erase head employs a 210 kHz high-bias erase head that reduces the generation of beats and intermodulation distortion due to interference between the high frequency of the music signal and the bias current.

In order to respond to broadband, we have adopted carefully selected parts. In addition, the head connector is gold-plated to improve sound quality.
In addition, in order to eliminate connection loss, I/O pin jacks and attached pin cords are also gold-plated.

Equipped with a CD-DECK sync function, recording is possible in conjunction with a Pioneer CD player with a CD-DECK sync function.

Equipped with an SR terminal that enables linkage with Pioneer systems.

The chassis and inner chassis are copper plated.

Wireless remote control is included.

Model Rating
Type 3 Head Deck
Track system 4-track, 2-channel stereo
Heads Recording / Reproducing Head : Combination Type
(PC-OCC Wound Laser Amorphous / PC-OCC Wound Laser Amorphous)
Erasing Head : Double Gap Ferrite with Sendust Guard
Motor For Capstan : DC Servo Motor
For Reel : DC Motor
Mechanism Drive : DC Motor
Wow and flutter ± 0.04% W · peak (EIAJ)
Quick Winding Time (C-60) Approximately 75 seconds
Frequency characteristic TypeIV (metal) : 10 Hz to 30 kHz ± 3 dB
TypeII (Chrome) : 10 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB
TypeI (normal) : 10 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (TypeIV) 58 dB (EIAJ / peak recording level, acoustic correction)
Dolby NR off : 64 dB or more (3rd harmonic distortion rate 3%, audibility compensation)
Dolby B NR : 73 dB or more (3rd harmonic distortion rate 3%, audibility compensation)
Dolby C NR : 80 dB or more (3rd harmonic distortion rate 3%, audibility compensation)
Dolby S NR : 86 dB or more (3rd harmonic distortion rate 3%, audibility compensation, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, B. P. F)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Line : 95mV/47k Ω
Output Level / Impedance Line : 0.5V/0.9k Ω
Headset : 5.5mW/8 Ω (maximum volume)
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 25W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 144x Depth 375 mm
Weight 8.6kg
Attachment Remote Controller CU-T018