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Pioneer T-1100S
120,000yen(1993 release)

The cassette deck which carried a wide-range system and Dolbies S and FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM, and was developed as a new reference model.

The wide-range system which improved sharply the high region threshold of the Recording-play frequency characteristic is carried.
This technology is what paid its attention to the powerful magnetic property which a metal tape has, and the fine tuned azimuth head which tuned up the azimuth parallelism of the recording head and the reproducing head in three dimensions to submicron order has realized it. While reducing the azimuth loss in a high region sharply by this head, the phase response of right and left of a high region has been improved, and the improvement in a feeling of a lateralization has also been obtained.
Furthermore, Recording-play amplifier also carries out wide band-ization and is raising the peek of the vibration point of an equalizer to 30kHz. While improving a transient response property by this and obtaining a sharp riser, the unnecessary ringing at the time of falling is also reduced.

The newly developed high speed play amplifier constituted from two steps is adopted as a play equalizer amplifier.
Low-noise-izing and wide band-ization are realized by adopting the FET differential amplifier of a low-noise as the 1st step, and constituting the 2nd step from a highly efficient high speed OP amp.
Moreover, first class operation FET buffer amplifier is adopted as the output unit of sound-recording amplifier, and the stable current supply source which is not influenced by the load intensity of the recording head is realized.

In order to prevent the tone-quality failure by the electric current of the control system which flows into an audio circuitry, MOS FET in which a low electric-current operation is possible is adopted as the interface part from system control to an audio system. This eliminated the influence of a control electric current, and the music transmit with a higher purity is realized.

eye Signal d from which a power-source part separates a positive power source and a negative power source from the coil of a power transformer to a grounding pattern, and the signal of a positive and a negative changes at random -- the independent operation is realized.
Moreover, the Output load impedance in an audio frequency band is suppressed to 0.001ohm or less, and while obtaining low-noise-ization, the transient response property is raised.

Dolby S which has a maximum of 24dB in a high region, and has a noise reduction effect of a maximum of 10dB on low-pass is carried.
Furthermore, the sound and the bleeding noise (breathing event) of minute level are also reduced sharply.

In order to rectify the frequency characteristic of a tapes for a flat and to pull out the performance of a tapes, FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM is carried.
FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM is low-pass (400Hz) about a bias and an equalizer sensitivity,It has a structure rectified on three points of a mid-high range (3kHz) and a super-high region (15kHz), and the microcomputer which has mid-high-range 16 step with 64 steps and an equalizer, and has the resolution of 32 steps by a recording level on the bias adjusts automatically for a short time.
Furthermore, the fine tune according to liking by manual operation is also possible.

The direct construction is adopted in order to eliminate a transmit loss and a noise. This is shortening sharply the path of the signal to the input terminal-recording head and a reproducing-head output.
Furthermore, the transmit loss, such as equipping having controlled with the long shaft, in order to make an input volume approach an input terminal, and the line straight functionality which bypasses a balance volume, and the reduction of a noise are put into practice.

The slant mechanism which made 10 degrees of the whole tape-transport part incline is adopted, and exclusion of the fine oscillation to the smooth rotation and the orientation of an axis of a heavy weight class fly wheel is realized.
Moreover, a cassette stabilizer is begun for exclusion of an oscillation and a vibration,The storage compartment in the door which uses high-density material, a motor and the motor vibration insulator which absorbs vibrational energy using a special strengthening resin motor bracket and unopposed rubber between mechanism chassises,High-quality sound-ization, such as adoption of the isorated door which intercepts an extraneous vibration, is attained.

If the peak level calibration functionality is carried and the peak level of an input signal is made to once hold, a microcomputer can assist and distortion by the input of an excessive signal can be canceled by adjusting a sound-recording volume to proper level.
Moreover, a meter range is -35dB-+8dB and -7dB-+8dB with the revertive.

The last memory functionality is carried and each data of FLAT PERSONAL SYSTEM, Dolby HX PRO, Dolby NR, a meter range, the on/off location of a switchpoint, the numerical character of an electronic counter, etc. can be memorized.

In order to eliminate inflow of the noise to a signal system, the mid ship mounting structure which has arranged the mechanism in the center is adopted.

The digital tension control which adjusts the rolling-up torque of a tapes automatically is carried.

The laser-amorphous head which adopted the PC-OCC (single-crystal quantity purity oxygen free high conductivity copper) coil is adopted as a head.
Moreover, the erase head of the 210kHz high bias scheme which suppresses an occurrence of the beat by interference with the RF of a music signal and a bias current or cross modulation distortion is adopted as the erase head.

The part selected carefully is adopted in order to correspond to wide band-ization. Furthermore, high-quality sound-ization, such as gilding-izing to a head connector, is attained.
Moreover, as for the input/output pin jack or the attached pin code, the gilding treatment is carried out in order to eliminate an interconnection loss.

The sound recording which carried the compact disk-DECK synchro functionality and was interlocked with the Pioneer compact disk player with a functionality corresponding to a compact disk-DECK synchro is possible.

SR termination which makes an interlock possible with the system of Pioneer is carried.

The chassis and the inner chassis are formed into a copper plating.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Internal FTA
Volume Using

Rating of a mode
Form 3 head deck
Track scheme 4 track two-channel stereo
Head Magnetic recording reproducing head: Combination type
(A PC-OCC coil laser amorphous / PC-OCC coil laser amorphous)
Erase head: Double gap ferrite with a sendust guarding
Motor For capstans: DC servo motor
For reels: DC motor
For a mechanism drive: DC motor
Wow and flutter }0.04%W-peak (EIAJ)
already -- volume time (C-60) About 75 seconds
Frequency characteristic TypeIV(metal): 10Hz-30kHz}3dB
TypeII(chromium): 10Hz-20kHz}3dB
TypeI(normal): 10Hz-20kHz}3dB
SN ratio (TypeIV) 58dB (EIAJ / peek recording level, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby NR off: 64dB or more (3% of the 3rd THD, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby B NR: 73dB or more (3% of the 3rd THD, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby C NR: 80dB or more (3% of the 3rd THD, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby S NR: 86dB or more (3% of the 3rd THD, an auditory sensation weighting, 20Hz - 20kHz, B.P.F)
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 95mV / 47kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 0.5V/0.9kohm
Headphone: 5.5mW/eight ohm (at the time of a volume maxima)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 25W
Dimensions Width 440x height 144x depth of 375mm
Weight 8.6kg
Adjunct Remote control CU-T018