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Pioneer PL-M25
33,500yen(around the 1974 time)

The record player which adopted the belt drive scheme.

The belt drive scheme by 4 pole synchronous motor is adopted as a drive system. Furthermore, careful finish by a mechanized precision processing machine is given to a turntable, and an axis of revolution and a bearing, and the precision is raised to them.
Moreover, it is used for the belt which tells a rotation of a motor, carrying out precision finish of the polyurethane.

S character type pipe arm which can respond to 4ch play or a light stylus-force performance is adopted as a tone arm, and it is now s.
The anti skating organization in which the ideal value which negates an inside force only by having adopted the design which made the centroid low since trances capacity is t Reddened, and also setting a tick mark according to an impression stylus force is acquired is carried.
In addition, organizations, such as oil dumping type arm elevation of a start lever and an interlock, are adopted.

In order to suppress a howling, the cabinet of the dogged structure which took weight and a large mass is adopted.

PC-110 which is man-month type cartridge is carried in the cartridge.

The checker who can perform an overhang coordination in the case of a switching of a cartridge is carried.

The low capacity (loop station connector) code in which 4ch play is possible is adopted.

The free stop hinge stopped at any angles in a hood is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 4 pole synchronous type motor
Drive system Belt drive scheme
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotation unevenness 0.08% or less (WRMS)
S/N ratio 50dB or more
Tone arm Static balance S character type pipe arm
Arm effective length 221mm
Overhang 15.5mm
Stylus-force variable span 0-3.5g
The mounting cartridge maximum self-weight 10g
Cartridge man-month type (PC-110)
Needle 0.5mil Diamond needle
Proper stylus-force span 1.5g-2.5g
Switching needle PN-110
An attached organization Anti skating organization
Arm elevation
Overhang checker
Stylus-force Direct-reading type wait
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 480x height 172x depth of 415mm
Weight 8.2kg