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Pioneer PL-M12
28,500yen(around the 1974 time)

The manual type record player which became a best seller overseas.

The belt drive is adopted as a drive system.

S character type tone arm which raised moment of inertia to the tone arm by using a low centroid is adopted, and playback of complicated 4ch record of a sound track and the performance of the cartridge of a light stylus force are supported.
Moreover, the anti skating organization constituted from a cam and a spring is carried, and distortion is reduced.
In addition, it has the lateral balancer and the Direct-reading type wait.

The insulator by special rubber is adopted.

In order to prevent damaging a record and the needle point, the arm elevation organization is adopted.

The overhang checker is employed so that the proper location of the needle point can check correctly.

Low capacity output code is adopted so that it can develop also into 4ch play.

The book jacket with a free stop hinge is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 4 pole synchronous type motor
Drive system Belt drive scheme
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotation unevenness 0.08% or less (WRMS)
S/N ratio 50dB or more
Tone arm Static balance S character type pipe arm
Arm effective length 221mm
Overhang 15.5mm
Stylus-force variable span 0-3.5g
The mounting cartridge maximum self-weight 10g
Cartridge man-month type (PC-110)
Stylus force 1.5g-2.5g
Output 3.5mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s)
An attached organization Anti skating organization
Arm elevation
Overhang checker
Stylus-force Direct-reading type wait
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 430x height 164x depth of 362mm
Weight 7.2kg