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Pioneer PL-A200
29,500yen(around the 1972 time)

The full-auto player in which the change to a manual operation is possible in addition to the auto organization which is easy to treat also to beginners.

The full-auto mechanism is carried and an auto lead-in groove, the Ohtori turn, an auto cut, and a repeat play can carry out only by operation of a lever.
Moreover, a manual operation is also possible by changeover into a manual position.

The arm elevation organization separated completely is carried with the auto operation.

Two motor schemes are adopted and the motor is carried in the object for a turntable drive, and the arm operation.

The drive system has adopted the full-scale belt drive scheme which uses a reliable polyurethane belt.
4 pole synchronous motor is carried in the motor, and the stable rotation is realized on it.

In order to prevent the howling which the needle point gathers the oscillation from a speaker and causes it, the insulator by special rubber is carried.

S character type lightweight pipe arm is adopted as a tone arm. Moreover, the stylus force of hope carries the counter of the stylus-force Direct-reading type obtained simply, and also the lateral balancer is also carried.

The head shell has adopted the plug-in type switching type, and serves as a hole difference type lightweight design.

It is possible to have adopted the free stop hinge as a book jacket, and to stop in a favorite location.

The low capacity code is adopted as output code.

Rating of a mode
Form Full-auto player
Motor For a turntable drive: 4 pole synchronous type
For a pickup drive: Gear motor
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm (weight of 1kg)
Rotation unevenness 0.1% or less (WRMS)
SN ratio 47dB or more
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Tone arm Static balance S character type pipe arm
Cartridge man-month type (PC-11)
Frequency characteristic 15Hz - 20kHz
Channel separation 25dB or more (1kHz)
Output voltage 5mV (1kHz, 50 cm/s)
Proper stylus force 2.5g-3.5g
Load resistance 50kohms - 100kohm
Needle point 0.6mil diamond
Switching needle PN-11
Needle point compliance 10x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Dimensions Width 430x height 164x depth of 362mm
Weight 8kg