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Pioneer PL-7 PL-7: 32,800yen(middle of the 1960s)
PL-7U:26,600yen(middle of the 1960s)

The stereo player system which carries auto mechanisms, such as an oil dumping arm elevation organization.

By the light lever operation of one-touch, on/off of a switchpoint, the idler, and the auto mechanism that performs rise and fall of an arm simultaneously are employed. For this reason, an out-of-order to an idler, damage to a needle, etc. by failure of a power source to cut could be prevented, and the outage by the carelessness on the handling which tended to take place to the existing player is reduced sharply.

Oil dumping of the arm rest is carried out, and the oil dumping arm elevation organization in which you make it go up and down an arm calmly by lever operation of one-touch is carried.
Since it is dumped by oil unlike the direct rise-and-fall unit which uses only a metals, the smooth and exact operation has been realized.

The hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor and the drive system strong against a transition of a voltage is realized to the load intensity.
Moreover, the turntable made from aluminum die casting of 1.6kg of diameters of 30cm is adopted as a turntable.

The absent-resonance static balance type pipe arm which adopted the construction method peculiar to a manipulation of the pivot, and was completed is adopted as a tone arm. A sub wait other than a main wait is attached to Para at this arm, and the Direct reading of the stylus force can be carried out with the tick mark minced by the shaft.
Moreover, the connector type head is adopted and a using of all cartridges is possible.

PL-C7 which is man-month type cartridge is adopted as a cartridge.
The unnecessary vibration and the splitting oscillation are reduced by using the quality of the material selected carefully by the form of the needle point, the processing method of a cantilever, and the damper.

The built-in product-line scheme where lead wire does not appear from the leading end of an arm is adopted.
Moreover, as for the interconnection of an arm and output code, the plug jack type is adopted.

The needle is having the peculiar structure held with the holder of the plastics, and can perform a needle switching easily.

In order to prevent the oppression of a howling, the thing of aluminum die casting is adopted as a panel.

There was PL-7U sold only in the mechanism fraction other than PL-7 dedicated by the cabinet.


Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 4 pole hysteresis synchronous type
Turntable Diameter aluminum die-casting of 30cm 1.6kg
Rotation unevenness 0.18% or less
SN ratio (at the time of PL-C7 using) 40dB or more
Tone arm A static balance type with oil dumping arm elevation
Pipe arm (stylus-force Direct-reading type)
Cartridge man-month type (PL-C7)
Needle 0.7mil diamond needle
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-21kHz}2dB
Channel isolation 20dB or more (1kHz)
Output voltage 5mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s)
Output balance 2dB or less
Impedance 2kohm (1kHz)
Direct current resistance 500ohm
Load resistance 50kohm
Needle point compliance 6x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Tracking error }1 degree
Proper stylus force 3g-4g
Stylus-force variable possible span 0-4g
Switching needle Diamond needle for stereos PL-N7 (2,400yen)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz switching type
Dimensions PL-7: Width 526x height 230x depth of 420mm
PL-7U: Width 427x height 190x depth of 346mm