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Pioneer PL-50LII
95,000yen(1981 release)

The record player which polished up the tone quality reflecting the technology of the improvement in a tone quality obtained with the high-end model.

The head shell integral-type straight arm of the dual structure of carbon graphite excellent in the light weight, the high rigidity, and the damping characteristics and the high-rigidity aluminum base is adopted as a tone arm. In the vibration analysis by a computer, the complicated splitting vibration event is eliminated at the same time he examines the material itself.
The intensity of the head shell part and the connector part of a root was also fully raised, and the ill effect by vibration is eliminated.

In order to realize banishment and the high sensitivity of a low-pass vibration simultaneously, the level good transformation silicon oil braking scheme is adopted.
This sinks a braking fin (the shape of a ring) into the silicon oil poured into the oil cup of the arm axis upper portion, has a structure to which a dumping is applied, made the equivalent mass of various cartridges and an arm match proper, and has extended the adaption span of an arm.
Furthermore, by cutting the leading end of a fin into 45 degrees, braking for which it was horizontally and perpendicularly suitable, respectively is made into the structure which can be applied simultaneously, and Q of a low-pass vibration is reduced. Moreover, cross modulation distortion is sharply improved by the synergistic effect with the mass centralization system which brought the main wait of the arm close to an axis of revolution.

The heavy weight class arm base of die-casting nature which gave the stabilizer effect is adopted as the arm base. The higher-resolution low-pass play is realized by fixing an arm firmly and suppressing a partial vibration.

In order to raise a rotation precision, the coreless structure which an cogging does not generate theoretically is adopted. Furthermore, the rotation property excellent in adopting SH and the rotor scheme which moved the supporting point (bearing) of the rotor which suited the motor bottom immediately under the turntable is realized. SH and a rotor scheme have canceled from the origin the reverse cone motion of the motor shaft which was not able to be prevented with the conventional structure, and the motor shaft which happens by the slight path clearance between bearings.
Moreover, in order that the needle point may banish the load variation produced by the resistor received from a record sound track,Adoption of a turntable with a diameter [ with a coreless Quartz PLL DC servo hall motor with the starting torque of 1.6 kg-cm and the inertial mass of 330 kg-cm2 ] of 31cm has realized stability which does not cause a rotational frequency variation to the load intensity of 200g of stylus forces.
Furthermore, Pioneer is using three hall devices which carried out the process development for the magnetic pole change (switching) organization of a motor. In addition, the detailed noise is banished by searching for the manipulation precision of micra order until it results in the part of a detail.

The silence lift up organization out of which mechanism sound does not come is carried. This is what adopted the moving coil scheme which applied the principle of operation of the speaker to the elevation organization in which an arm is made to go up and down, and has a structure which carries out a uncontacted operation on DC voltage.
Moreover, the scheme which performs a uncontacted detection with the hall device and magnet inside an arm axis is adopted as a termination location detection of the sound track of a record, there is no occurrence of side pressure in it, and the sensitivity of an arm is not spoiled.
Furthermore, the quick stop organization of a pure electronic formula is adopted.

The high-density cabinet (marble ebony finish) which laminated the solid board is adopted as a cabinet, and the deflection of the cabinet by the reaction of the angular moment of a high torque motor is prevented especially effectively.
Moreover, the original low centroid insulator was adopted as the insulator supporting this, and stability is secured to it also to oscillations from the outside, such as a howling.

The oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line with few transmit losses is adopted as the lead wire and the processor-unit code of a tone arm.

S character type universal arm pipe (with a large-sized wait) which can perform a switching of a head shell easily is equipped, and all cartridges can be enjoyed with twin pipe exchange system.
Moreover, the shell integral-type straight arm pipe of carbon graphite is also an option, and only the number of cartridges arranges a straight arm, and can exchange and enjoy a cartridge easily.

The Tone

Rating of a mode
Form Cartridgeless player system
<Phone motor part>
Motor Coreless Quartz PLL DC servo hall motor
Drive system Direct-drive
Bearing structure SH and a rotor scheme
Turntable diameter 31cm
Turntable inertial mass 330kg-cm2 (turntable sheet included)
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotational frequency change The electronic formula by a short stroke switchpoint
Rotation unevenness 0.011% or less (WRMS/FG Direct-reading method)
0.023% or less (WRMS/Japanese Industrial Standard)
S/N 82dB or more (DIN-B)
65dB or more (Japanese Industrial Standard)
Load variation 0% (less than 200g of stylus forces)
Startup property Less than 1/3 rotation
Starting torque 1.6kg-cm
Velocity detection scheme Perimeter integrator type FG
Rotational frequency deflection 0.002% or less
Drift Time drift : 0.00008%/h
Temperature drift : 0.00003%/degree C
Braking mechanism Pure electronic formula
<Tone arm part>
Form Good transformation oil braking scheme
Static balance twin pipe exchange system pipe arm
Effective length 250mm
Overhang 12mm
Tracking error + 2.7 degree--1.3 degree
Stylus-force coordination 1g of wait 1 rotations
Conformity cartridge self-weight Straight: 3g - 11g
S character type: 6g - 32g (shell lump)
Height adjustable range +3 -4mm
Head shell Carbon fiber composite material
An attached organization Quartz locking-in Decatur
Quick stop
Silence lift up (electronic formula)
The semiconductor used etc. Quartz crystal: One
Hall device: Three
Transistor: 11
Diode: Six
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 490x height 190x depth of 401mm
Weight 14.6kg
Option Shell integral-type straight arm JP-515 (7,000yen)