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Pioneer PL-41D/PL-41DC PL-41D:52,500yen(around the 1972 time)
PL-41DC:47,500yen(around the 1972 time)

The record player which adopted the belt drive scheme by 8 pole hysteresis synchronous motor.

8 pole hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor, eight poles are used from four poles, a rotational frequency is dropped on one half, a speed ratio is made small, and rotation unevenness is decreased. The diameter of the motorized pulley also became twice as many thickness as this, and ±0.3% or less of the rotational frequency precision is realized.
The special suspension of the dual structure by synthetic rubber and a spring is adopted as a join of a motor and a board.

The thing made from polyurethane is adopted as the rubber belt used by a belt drive scheme.
By peculiar manipulation, this belt presses down thickness unevenness to 5/1000mm or less, and is aiming at the modification of a property.

The turntable has adopted the thing of the diameter of 31cm of aluminum alloys which thickened the perimeter.
The honing manipulation of the bearing is carried out, the axis carried out precision polish of the material excellent in wear resistance, and outstanding inertia efficiency is realized.

The S character type pipe arm is adopted as a tone arm, and the stylus-force coordination of a lateral balancer, a magnetic-repulsion type anti skating organization, and a Direct-reading scheme, the arm height adjusting device, etc. are carried.

The indicator combination EP adapter by which the belt protective device and the proper overhang of a new-installation meter are obtained is carried.

The book jacket carries the free stop hinge.

PC-20 which is man-month type cartridge is carried in the cartridge.

There was also PL-41DC of cartridge a non-carrying model.


Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 8 pole hysteresis synchronous type
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 31cm (weight of 2.2kg)
Rotation unevenness 0.07% or less
SN ratio 52dB or more
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Cartridge man-month type (PC-20)
Tone arm S character type static balance type
An attached organization Magnetic-repulsion type anti skating organization
Lateral balancer
Stylus-force Direct-reading type counter wait
Arm elevation organization
New-installation meter belt protection feature
Special rubber vibration insulator leg
Dimensions Width 500x height 195x depth of 405mm
Weight 10.5kg