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Pioneer PL-31E
42,500yen(around the 1972 time)

The belt drive player which combined the outer rotor motor and the high-sensitivity S character type tone arm.

4 pole hysteresis synchronous outer rotor motor which pressed down the oscillation and the occurrence of the noise on the motor and strengthened a constant-speed, torque, and an endurance is adopted.
This reduced rotation unevenness and the more exact rotation is realized.

S character type static balance scheme pipe arm born from a reduction of an effective mass and adoption of the new support scheme is adopted as a tone arm.
the head shell which attained the method of magnetic repulsion anti skating organization, the lateral balancer, and the weight saving is carried in this arm, and higher -- the performance implementation is carried out.

A low capacity code is adopted as output code, and the damping in a super-high region is reduced.

The turntable made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm to which the strict checking was given for every point is adopted as a turntable, and the occurrence of a run bull or a wow and flutter is reduced according to high precision finish of a shaft.

The insulator in which the height control by design is main-unit weight and really possible is carried.

The safety device for the belt protection which cannot perform a velocity change is carried at the time of an overhang checker, the arm elevation organization of a start lever interlock, and a motor outage.


Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 4 pole hysteresis synchronous outer rotor motor
Drive system Belt drive
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm (weight of 1.3kg)
Rotation unevenness 0.08% or less (WRMS)
SN ratio 50dB or more
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Cartridge man-month type (PC-15)
Tone arm Static balance type S character type pipe arm
An attached organization Elevation organization
Velocity switching lever lock
Magnetic-repulsion type anti skating organization
Overhang checker
Lateral balancer
Large-sized insulator
Dimensions Width 484x height 185x depth of 417mm
Weight 9kg
Head shell Black hole difference type PP-303 (1,150yen)
White hole difference type PP-304 (1,150yen)