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Image of PL 1400

A record player using a DC servo DD motor and a highly sensitive S-shaped pipe arm.
There were 2 types, PL-1400 with cartridge and PL-1400C without cartridge.

The drive unit uses a direct drive system and uses an ultra-low-speed brushless DC servo motor to drive a heavy-duty turntable with a high flywheel effect.

A purely electronic control circuit composed of transistors and diodes is used for the control circuit.
As a result, the number of revolutions set once is automatically controlled (servo), and constant rotation is obtained regardless of fluctuations in ambient temperature and power supply voltage.
It is a purely electronic system that can change the speed by changing the constant of an electronic circuit. The speed can be finely adjusted within ± 2% at either 33 1/3 or 45 rpm while watching the strobe carved on the turntable. In addition, since the motor is driven by converting the AC power source to DC using a constant voltage circuit, there is no need to change the pulley for each power supply frequency.

A newly designed S-shaped tone arm is used for the tone arm.
A cartridge with a weight of 4g to 32g can be attached without sub-weight, and it is possible to trace the difference signal component of 0.5g ultra-light needle pressure performance and discrete 4 ch system.
In addition, the head shell is specially provided with rubber cushion to reduce resonance and modulation distortion.

The cabinet consists of a double structure consisting of a metal base and a natural wood to reduce vibration and vibration from the outside and the floor, thus suppressing howling.
It also uses a large insulator that can adjust the level of the player body.

PL-1400 comes with PC-330E which is a MM type cartridge.
An elliptical contact diamond needle of 0. 2x0. 7 mil is used for the needle tip and the vibration system is made lighter (effective mass 0.55 mg) to improve sound quality.
It is also possible to trace the vertical amplitude of a matrix 4 ch record with the same compliance in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Model Rating
Type Record player
Motor Brushless DC servo motor
Drive system Direct drive
Turntable 31 cm diameter aluminum alloy die-cast
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm (fine adjustment possible)
Speed change Electronic
Rotational speed fine adjustment range + / - 2% (at each speed)
Uneven rotation 0.05% or Less (WRMS)
S/N 60 dB or more
Tone arm type Static Balance S-Shaped (Plug-in Shell)
Effective arm length 224mm
Overhang 14.5mm
Weight range of the mounting cartridge Minimum 4g ~ Maximum 32g
Attached cartridge MM Type (PC-330E)
Needle tip 0.2x0.7 mil Elliptical Contact Diamond Needle (PN-330E)
Effective mass 0.55mg
Output voltage 2.5 mv (1 kHz, 50mm/s)
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 30 kHz
Needle pressure 1.0g ~ 2.0g (proper 1.5g)
Dead weight 5.1g
Attachment mechanism Anti-skating mechanism
Independent oil dump arm elevation
Needle pressure direct reading counter weight
Lateral balance (variable center of gravity type)
Arm level adjustment mechanism
Strobe lighting
Semiconductor used Transistor : 12 Nos.
Diode : 20 pcs
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 5.2W maximum
External dimensions Width 480x Height 175x Depth 415 mm
Weight 11.0kg