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Pioneer PL-12E
22,500yen(around the 1972 time)

The belt drive player which aimed at the improvement in cost performance and a quality by the design which shared with the simple mechanism the component partses used for a high-class player as it was.

The belt drive scheme which tells a rotation of a motor to a turntable using a belt is adopted.
The product made from polyurethane is adopted as a belt, and the smooth rotation is realized by giving double-sided polish of a micra precision.

S character type tone arm made from a lightweight pipe is adopted as a tone arm.

The hole difference lightweight type is adopted as a head shell, and since it is a normal mode plug-in system, it can remove easily.

The low capacity (loop station connector) code is adopted as output code.

The oil dumping type arm elevation organization which damages neither the needle point nor a record in a smooth up-and-down motion is carried.
Moreover, it serves as the power switch, a switchpoint is turned on by off->on, a turntable begins a rotation, a tone arm carries out the effect of the control lever on the record board by on->down, and it begins a performance.

The special rubber foot which heightened the vibration proof effect for the measure against a howling is adopted as an insulator.

Since the free stop type hinge is attached to the book jacket, stopping in a favorite location is possible.

When exchanging and using a cartridge, the convenient overhang checker is carried, and a proper overhang is obtained only by uniting the needle point with a checker.

Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive player
Motor 4 pole synchronous motor
Turntable The product made from diameter aluminum alloy die-casting of 30cm, the weight of 1kg
Rotation unevenness 0.1% or less (WRMS)
S/N 47dBijyou
Tone arm Static balance scheme S character type pipe arm
Arm effective length 221mm
Cartridge man-month type PC-11
Frequency characteristic 15Hz - 20kHz
Channel separation 25dB or more (1kHz)
Output voltage 5mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s)
Proper stylus force 2.5g-3.5g
Load resistance 50kohms - 100kohm
Needle 0.6mil diamond
Switching needle PN-11
Needle point compliance 10x10 to 6 cm/dyne
An attached organization Power-switch interlock arm elevation organization
Overhang checker
Plug-in system head shell
The insulator made of special rubber
Dimensions Width 430x height 164x depth of 362mm
Weight 7.2kg