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Pioneer PD-T04
60,000yen(1993 release)

The turntable scheme compact disk player which carries legato linking conversion.

The legato linking conversion system developed aiming at the more natural music play is carried.
In this circuitry, between the music signal datas currently recorded on the disk is connected with the smooth function curve suitable for reproducing the sound of a nature, and the frequency component of a musical instrument, and the play of the original sound signal with few ringings (wave-like disorder) is enabled.
By presuming the music signal at the time of the sound recording before being recorded based on the signal currently recorded on compact disk, according to the 1/f damping characteristics, reappearance with a sound of 20kHz or more was also attained, and natural sound is realized.

The turntable scheme is adopted as a mechanism part.
This is a scheme which reads a signal in the disk which installs upwards the pickup and spindle motor which were under the disk, and rotates on a turntable 12cm in diameter,Adoption of a spindle motor with moment of inertia with a big turntable which supports a disk the whole surface from the bottom, and generous starting torque etc. has realized the stable rotation performance strong also against a load variation.

The high speed pulse flow 1 bitD/A converter which Pioneer developed uniquely is carried in the digital analog converter by the right-and-left independency.
A 1-bit scheme is that zero cross distortion and a glitch noise have the distinctive characteristics of not generating theoretically, and moreover operate noise shaping on 384fs and a very high oversampling frequency,A smooth output is attained and the noise floor by re-quatization is reduced greatly. For this reason, since the sub- noise shaper of a low degree can be used, the influence of the noise of an out-of-band is suppressed low.
Furthermore, the influence by Jitter occurrence is also decreased by operating a master clock with a clock frequency as low as 16.93MHz.

The direct construction was adopted, the center tray design was adopted, and the pickup mechanism is arranged in the center of a chassis. Furthermore, main circuitries were arranged along with the fluence of a signal, and from a pickup to the output-terminal is tied so that it may become the shortest distance.
This is reducing the influence of an exogenous noise.

The twin power transformer which made it become independent digital one/object for servo circuitries, and for analog circuits, respectively is carried in the power-source part.
Moreover, the stable powering is realized by the power circuit's having employed 3 part 7 regulator, having carried out the independent rectification of the three parts of a servo/digital one, a digital analog converter, and an audio, and having eliminated the cross interferencee.

The honeycomb chassis excellent in rigidity is adopted as a chassis, and the high vibration suppression effect is demonstrated. Furthermore, in order to suppress a reflection of the sound from the outside, the insulator has also adopted honeycomb structure.
again -- being alike -- it equips with a resin stabilizer and the vibration proof of the chassis is improved.

Functionalities, such as a compu-program edit, a time fade edit, an auto special-NetWare-program edit, are carried.

The peek search, the memory hold, the display-deviceoff switchpoint, and the digital one / analog circuit changing switch are carried.

The compact disk-DECK synchro termination is carried.

Legato Attached

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Pickup 3 beam semiconductor laser scheme
Frequency characteristic 2Hz - 20kHz
SN ratio (EIAJ) 115dB or more
Dynamic range (EIAJ) 99dB or more
Channel separation (EIAJ) 110dB or more
Wow and flutter (EIAJ) Below a limit of measurement (±0.001%W.PEAK)
THD (EIAJ) 0.0017% or less
Output voltage 2.0Vrms
The number of channels Two channels (stereo)
Digital output Optical power: -15dBm--20dBm (wavelength of 660nm)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 440x height 131x depth SFT NetWare 286mm
Weight 5.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control