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Image of the PD 7050

Equipped with digital filters and other devices, this CD player pursues even higher sound quality.

In order to prevent signal reading errors and disc vibration that adversely affects audio circuits, we have adopted a ball alignment mechanism and disc stabilizer with improved performance with new materials.

The chassis is structurally reinforced with honeycomb ribs and copper-plated to reduce magnetic strain.
In addition, by forming a structure like two metals bonded together by plating, resonance points can be dispersed, and excellent vibration damping characteristics are realized.

The audio circuit uses a 2 x over-sampling digital filter and does not use a low-pass filter with steep characteristics. As a result, low-distortion characteristics with little phase rotation are obtained up to the high-frequency range.

The power supply consists of three independent circuits : a digital servo system, an audio system and an FL display system.
This reduces the influence of each part (wraparound) as much as possible to improve audio characteristics.

It has 24 songs random program function.

Just by setting the number of songs to start editing and the length of one side of the tape, the microcomputer determines how many songs can be played within the time of the tape and plays the program.
It is possible not only from the first song but also from after the specified song.

Built-in accumulated program time display function makes it easy to calculate the total time for program playback.

Equipped with a pin jack for digital output.

It uses a wireless remote control with a liquid crystal display that allows programming only with the remote control regardless of whether the power is turned on or off.
In addition, a program memory function is installed in the remote control, and the remote control can store programs on 8 disks.

Equipped with a pause program function to put a pause into the program.

In order to reduce the influence of unwanted vibration on each circuit, we have adopted audio insulation to eliminate resonance in the entire body.
In addition to the floating structure of the optical system, the main body is fixed by an insulator with high rigidity and vibration damping rate.

The pickup uses a newly developed actuator and supports a lightweight lens base with a beryllium copper spring with a specially treated surface while maintaining a sufficient secondary moment of section.
This spring has a waveform shape that takes into consideration vibration dynamics. It efficiently drives the center of gravity of the movable part with a simple magnetic circuit, and it follows the pit together with the servo circuit.
Moreover, the magnetic circuit is supported by a base with high internal loss and is designed to be resistant to external vibration.
The body is box-shaped in order to achieve compact shape and sufficient rigidity, and precision aluminum die-cast is adopted.

A quartz master clock system is used to prevent interference with servo and audio circuits.

Uses a linear servo system to prevent skipping sound.

Playback starts automatically when the power is turned on so that timer start is possible.

FL8-digit multi-display is adopted.

3-speed manual search is adopted.

Gold-plated terminal is used for output terminal.

Equipped with a headphone port with volume.

Model Rating
Type CD Player
Pick-up Three beam semiconductor laser system
DA Conversion 16-bit straight line
Frequency Response (EIAJ) 4 Hz to 20 kHz, ± 0.5 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (EIAJ) 98 dB or more
Dynamic Range (EIAJ) 96 dB or more
Channel Separation (EIAJ) 94 dB or more
Wow & flutter (EIAJ) Measurement limit (± 0.001% W. Peak) or less
Total Harmonic Distortion Factor (EIAJ) Not more than 0.003%
Output Voltage (EIAJ) 2 V ± 0.5 V
Number of channels 2 channels (stereo)
Digital output 0.5Vp-p (75 Ω)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 12W
External dimensions Width 420x Height 84x Depth 290 mm
Weight 4.5kg
Attachment Remote Controller CU-PD010