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Image of the PD 2000

This is a CD player that inherits the high sound quality technology of the PD 3000 and further improves sound quality by thoroughly simplifying it.

In order to minimize the power loss and prevent the influence of others, CD direct construction is adopted, and the layout is simple and straight along the signal flow from the pickup to the lineout.
First of all, the printed circuit boards for digital / servo and analog circuits are separated independently. Moreover, with low impedance grounding, the sealed PCB (double-sided board), which provides an effective shielding effect against jumping from digital to analog, is used for digital, analog, and power supply. In addition, the analog board is designed to be as short as possible from input to output. At the same time, the symmetrical structure for left and right independence is adopted.
This CD direct construction reduces the interference between signals.
In the power supply circuit, the transmission path is minimized and the ± power supply is parallelized. The power supply board is directly connected to the power supply line of the analog board.

The digital filter uses a 20-bit operation 18-bit output digital filter.
The sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz is increased eight times to 352.8 kHz, and a Butterworth third order low-pass filter with excellent phase characteristics and frequency ripple is used in the analog stage.

The D/A converter employs a real 18-bit D/A converter with independent configuration on the left and right sides. It performs 18-bit operation at all levels from large input to Oire power, eliminating interference and phase shift between channels.
We have also adopted a linear envelope system (glitch less type), a unique technology of Pioneer, to improve the accuracy of D/A conversion and reduce 0 cross distortion by correcting the upper bit error to an appropriate value.
In addition, by double and triple D/A conversion accuracy support such as exclusive winding for D/A converter, exclusive power supply, low impedance guard link, etc., minute level reproducibility is improved.

The pickup is equipped with a clean laser pickup developed in-house by Pioneer.
By reducing the number of optical components such as collimator lenses, the power loss of the optical system has been greatly reduced. Moreover, the aberration in the optical path has been reduced, making possible a clean and low-distortion pickup.
In addition, by adopting a photodetector with a built-in I/V conversion head amplifier that amplifies small signals of several microamperes to approximately 200 mV, in combination with an Accu-Focus system, the occurrence of jitter due to reading errors and disturbance is suppressed.
In addition, an engineering plastic pick-up body developed by dividing the pick-up body into approximately 1000 elements and repeating strength analysis has been adopted, enabling precise shape that was difficult with conventional die casting.

An A-class push-pull FET buffer amplifier is used for two stages, the lineout of the analog stage and the I/V amplifier stage, enabling more accurate waveform transmission without being affected by the connected load.

We have developed and installed a multi-resonance absorber (MRA), which is a vibration-free and vibration-free technology for dealing with unnecessary vibration frequencies over all bands from vibration isolation of pickup handling at minute levels to vibration isolation of PCB (double-sided substrate).
As the second base after the honeycomb chassis, a float base was newly installed, and unnecessary vibration is suppressed by floating the circuit board and the pickup.

The pickup uses a magnetic disk stabilizer that reduces unnecessary vibration of the disk.
In addition, the newly developed linear motor servo mechanism, which generates less vibration, has a low center of gravity structure, and is firmly supported by a high-rigidity, high-internal loss FRP mechanism base, which is mounted on a multi-resonance absorber to eliminate resonance.

A 4-mm-thick aluminum panel is used for the front panel, and a double-structured aluminum top bonnet is used to eliminate resonance and increase rigidity of the bonnet.
The system is also supported by copper plated honeycomb chassis and large honeycomb insulators.

The power transformer employs a large capacity transformer with a laminated top core structure that has a core size of approximately three times or more of the required capacity and reduces magnetic distortion, vibration, and leakage flux. This transformer employs a bifilar twist winding that improves the balance of output voltage, reduces noise and vibration, and reduces stray capacitance.
In addition, four independent windings, four independent power circuits / A conversion, digital and display components, we have adopted four independent windings, four independent power supply circuits, and seven regulators. In addition, the audio circuit has a discrete push-pull regulator that exhibits excellent transient response characteristics against load fluctuations. This realizes a high-precision clean power supply.

The power cord uses an OFC extra-thick 4-core power cord with ± polarity indication.

It is equipped with a clean microcomputer that operates only when the operation key is pressed and prevents scanning noise.
In addition, scanning noise when the display is off is taken into consideration, and a display off switch is installed to suppress noise generation.

Model Rating
Type CD Player
Pick-up Three beam semiconductor laser system
D/A conversion 16-bit linear / digital operation 18-bit
Frequency Response (EIAJ) 2 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (EIAJ) 111 dB or more
Dynamic Range (EIAJ) 99 dB or more
Channel Separation (EIAJ) 108 dB or more
Wow & flutter (EIAJ) Measurement limit (± 0.001% W. PEAK) or less
Total Harmonic Distortion Factor (EIAJ) Not more than 0.0022%
Output Voltage (EIAJ) 2.2 V ± 0.3 V
Number of channels 2 channels (stereo)
Digital output Coaxial Output : 0.5Vp-p/75 Ω
Optical output : -15dBm ~ -20dBm (wavelength 660 nm)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
External dimensions Width 420x Height 127x Depth 320 mm
Weight 8.5kg
Attachment Remote control