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Exclusive P3a
650,000yen(around the 1983 time)

The stereo player system which aimed at the more nearly high-definition play by adding and adding a modification to an arm or a detail based on Exclusive P3.

The scheme which controls DD motor of the linear torque scheme of a slotless and a coreless structure by Quartz PLL is adopted as a phone motor and a bearing structure. Furthermore, by the conventional measuring method, the impossible rotation performance of 0.001% of less than rotation unevenness 0.003% and a rotational frequency precision is realized by adopting the bearing structure of a SHR (Stable hanging rotor) scheme where the centroid of the axis-of-revolution part was set up low.
A SHR scheme is what designed the bearing structure to the inverted structure of the conventional scheme, an inertia arises in a bearing part during a rotation, and side pressure has stopped applying to an axis probably by having brought the supporting point close to a centroid and having changed the conventional bearing part into the rotation side as for it. And for the preventing with ガタ, the path clearance of bearing occurs for a minimum and the inertia of a turntable is set to sufficient torque also to the load intensity of the cartridge added to the perimeter of a turntable.

The high torque motor of the dual rotor structure using an anisotropy ferrite magnet with a strong attraction of magnet has realized about the same high torque (10 kg-cm) as a record cutting unit.
Furthermore, adoption and the interval of the servo circuitry which was excellent in the turntable of inertial-mass 700 kg-cm2 or the transient realized the outstanding startup property (it is a constant-speed rotation in 0.3 second after switchpoint-on) and load characteristics-proof (it is 1.5kg by stylus-force conversion), and have acquired the rotation property that the stable precision is high.

In addition to the weight saving of a tone arm, the mass concentration scheme and oil dumping adjustment mechanism which concentrated the mass on the axis of revolution are carried in the tone arm part.
By adding braking by reliable silicon oil on an arm axis, the reduction of massive [ low-pass ] and cross modulation distortion is realized. Moreover, it is also possible to be able to control the amount of braking of oil dumping according to the property of a cartridge, and to turn OFF dumping.

The tone arm made from a DRA& alumina ceramics which investigated absent-resonance-ization is adopted as a tone arm.
The oscillation characteristic of the tone arm which worsens a tone quality is grasped making full use of computer analysis technology, such as an FFT analyzer, and the new organization DRA (Dynamic Resonance Absorber) developed based on this data is carried. DRA(s) are a damper with moderate spring nature, and a thing equipped with the subvibration object which consisted of waits, and have the structure of absorbing this, by giving the opposite oscillation to a vibration of an arm. According to this oscillating neutralizing influence, the needle point prevented taking up excessive components other than a sound track, and has obtained a more exact play sound.
The alumina ceramics is adopted as an arm material. comparing this material with conventional aluminum -- a ratio -- rigidity is reducing the あり and the vibration about 3 times.

The quick stop organization which used together the motor, the electronic formula brake which applies the power of a reverse rotation, and the mechanical brake which stops a rotation of a rotor using a plunger by work of an electronic circuitry is carried.

The motor part and the tone arm part are fixed to the base with a weight of 12kg which laminated the barium sulfate of aluminum and high-density material.
Furthermore, the base was completely floated from the cabinet and the vibration proof structure of the coaxial suspension scheme which intercepts the oscillation from the sound pressure and the floor from a speaker is adopted.

In order to make a high howling margin possible, the insulator of the Mie structure is adopted.
Special rubber is used, in order to support a 25kg main unit with the oil dumping type waveguide-plunger structure using a 62mm spring and also to make the surging of a spring absorb.
Moreover, since the resonant frequency of the insulator is set as 5Hz or less lower than the resonant frequency of a tone arm, the howling margin with high vibration proof structure and interval of a coaxial suspension has been obtained.

It is the design which combined the cabinet of native wood eye finish of the Brazi LeAnn Lowe's wood, and the book jacket excellent in the prevention from a howling made from tempered glass with the cabinet.

The very-thick power cord using high oxygen free high conductivity copper of the conductometric was adopted as the power cord, the loss in the wire rod was reduced, and nonlinear distortion is improved sharply.
Furthermore, high-quality sound-ization is attained more by performing a clear polar window.

The A

Rating of a mode
Form Cartridgeless player system
<Phone motor part>
Motor synopsis Linear torque DC hall motor
Bearing structure SHR scheme
Drive system Direct-drive
Control system Quartz PLL
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotational frequency precision 0.001%
Rotation unevenness 0.003% (WRMS, the FG method)
0.015% (WRMS, the Japanese-Industrial-Standard record method)
S/N 95dB(DIN-B)
Starting torque 10kg-cm
Opposite load characteristics With no rotational frequency transition (arm 1,000 duty) to 1.5kg of stylus forces
Startup property 0.3 second (33 1/3rpm o'clock)
Turntable carrying out 32cm aluminum shaving appearance (weight of 2.8kg)
Inertial mass 700kg-cm2 (it is an included about a rubber sheet)
<Tone arm part (EA-03)>
Form Dynamic balance type twin pipe exchange system
a straight-with integrated head shell pipe -- and
S character type universal pipe
Arm effective length 282mm
Overhang 12.5mm
Tracking error + 1.85 degrees-1.10 degrees
Stylus-force adjustable range 0-3g (0.1g step)
Conformity cartridge self-weight 2.6g-24g (straight)
6g-38g (S character head shell 込)
(Wait exchange system)
Height adjustable range + 8mm--4mm
Output code With a low-impedance gilding plug (oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line)
Base attachment Collet chuck scheme
Braking part The low-pass brake style by silicon oil
(Dumping fator variable scheme)
An attached organization Direct lever scheme anti skating
Silicon oil dumping scheme arm lifter
DRA (dynamic Resonance absorber)
<Main-unit part>
Cabinet Brazi LeAnn Lowe's wood native wood eye
Hood 5mm thickness smoked tempered glass
Hinge A free stop, a removable
Insulator Mie braking by a coil spring, oil, and rubber
Base material A barium sulfate (15mm), an aluminum alloy (10mm)
A brake with a quick stop An electron, a mechanism combined use brake
Manual operation button A feather touch, the soft push SW
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 600x height 278x depth of 445mm
Weight 47kg