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Pioneer D-07A
160,000yen(1995 release)

The DAT deck which attained loading of the legato linking conversion S, and further high-quality sound-ization based on D-07.

In order to record / play the compass over 20kHz, high sampling (HS) mode is carried. In this mode, the sampling frequency is raised to 96kHz which hits 48kHz twice, and the sound recording/play up to 44kHz are possible.
The sound-recording maximum time in high sampling mode is set to one half of the conventional standard (SP) modes.

The legato linking conversion S is carried.
Although the wave of the HARASHIN number was presumed and a component of 20kHz or more was reproduced based on the 1/f damping characteristics by the conventional legato linking conversion, in the legato linking conversion S, the higher-harmonic spawn circuitry which became independent also about the harmonic overtone further is added. A harmonic-overtone component of 20kHz or more was generated from the damping characteristics based on an estimation of an original sound, and the play band is expanded by uniting and adding a time base.

In a play of the digital sources, such as compact disk, the DAC mode which can use only the digital-analog-converter functionality which carries the newly developed legato linking conversion S is carried, the inputted digital source is changed into an included analog signal, and an output is [ a component of 20kHz or more ] possible.

The occurrence of nonlinear distortion or zero cross distortion is suppressed by having adopted an 18-bit multiple bit scheme converter as the A/D side, and also carrying a dither circuitry.
Moreover, multiple bit DAC which removes an occurrence of zero cross distortion with an original scheme is adopted as the D/A side. The scheme forms into 1 chip two 20-bit DACs which arranged the property strictly,+ The D-A conversion of the wave of the area of - was carried out independently, by expressing MSB for the level difference for the conventional 1least significant bit then by the presence or absence of the build-out electric current of 1least significant bit instead of an inverting of all the included bits, the occurrence of zero cross distortion was eliminated theoretically and the reappearance power and the linearity of a minute signal are improved.

In order to correspond to an accelerating of the head rotation at the time of high sampling mode, the high-output AT head which supplied the precision technology is carried in the head.
The tapes touch stabilized by having an All Track structure which performed a 20-micrometer uniform track manipulation to the trances orientation of a track, carrying out the welding of the glass to head each sides, and securing high wear and abrasion resistance, and also performing a special polishing manipulation to a gap is realized.

The panel stabilizer which used together the rubber vibration insulator which suppresses the fine oscillation around the front panel,The cassette stabilizer which holds a tapes certainly and prevents a failure of the tone quality by oscillation, the honeycomb chassis supporting a mechanism or a circuitry, a large-sized insulator, adoption of the bonnet vibration suppression structure, etc. have taken thorough vibration proof and measures against a vibration suppression.
Moreover, the catalogue price of the RF impedance is carried out by carrying out the copper plating treatment of a chassis, a Mechanism-base, a rear panel, etc., and also low-noise-ization is attained.

The character recording (character puck) functionality which can record the favorite intelligences on a maximum of 60 characters, including the title of a music name, a player name, and the source etc., at the beginning of each music (start ID fraction) is carried.
It is indicated by scrolling at a display device at the time of the start of each music, and the recorded intelligence can be again displayed by button operation during a performance.

The compact disk-Q code synchro start ID recording function is carried, and it is at the digital input sound-recording time from compact disk,Even if start ID is automatically recorded with the track number in the compact disk-Q code data transmitted with a digital interface, and an index and there is no silent fraction between music, a register of start ID is certainly possible.

The TOC (Jump Table segment of Contents) functionality which records the number of enrolment music, the time data of each music, etc. on the location of the beginning of a tapes is carried.

Fade-in and a fadeout carry the digital fader which functions at the time of an analog input recording play at the time of a digital input recording play.
Furthermore, a microcomputer records the point on a random play with a microcomputer, a time skip, and a tapes on the operation functionality at the time of a play based on a TOC intelligence, and functionalities which play the point by one-touch, such as Tip-of-the-Day memory, a fine queue / review, are carried.

Additional loading of 96kHz high sampling (HS) mode, 48kHz standard (SP) mode, and the 44.1kHz standard (SP) mode of the sampling frequency as compact disk in which 32kHz is the same for a long time at the time of an analog input in addition to the 3 conventional modes in the mode is carried out.
The 96kHz digital out at the time of HS mode is also supported.

Wireless remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Swivel head scheme digital audio taperecorder
Tape speed 8.15 mm/s (SP), 4.075 mm/s (LP), 16.3 mm/s (HS)
Sound-recording time
(at the time of a 120-minute tapes using)
SP: A maximum of 120 minutes
LP: A maximum of 240 minutes
HS: A maximum of 60 minutes
Quantifying bit number 16-bit linear
12-bit non-linear
Sampling frequency (SCMS loading) 48kHz (a sound recording/play)
44.1kHz (a sound recording/play)
32kHz (only SP : a digital recording /play)
32kHz (LP: a sound recording/play)
96kHz (only HS : analog recording /play)
Recording-play frequency characteristic SP: 2Hz - 22kHz
LP: 2Hz - 14.5kHz
HS: 2Hz - 44kHz
SN ratio 93dB or more
Dynamic range 93dB or more
THD 0.004% or less (1kHz)
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement (±0.001%W-Peak)
Analog-I/O termination Line input: RCA Pin, one line, 500mV
Line output: RCA Pin, one line, 500mV
Digital-input/output termination Coaxial input terminal: RCA Pin, one line, 0.5 Vp-p
Coaxial output-terminal: RCA Pin, one line, 0.5 Vp-p
An optical input/output terminal: One line each
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 27W
The maximum Dimensions Width 440x height 141x depth of 375mm
Weight 7.6kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control CU-D010