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MM cartridge using beryllium pipe cantilever.

The cantilever consists of a 30 μ m beryllium pipe with an outer diameter of 0.5 mm, which is precisely molded into a pipe shape. As a result, 0.26 mg of beryllium is lighter in weight. In addition, the stylus tip, which is made by grinding the tip of natural diamond into an elliptical shape of 0. 2x0. 7 mil, enhances the tracing capability of large amplitude and ultra-high frequency waveform.

By adopting a single-end support system to clarify the vibration supporting point, the mechanical impedance in the high frequency range is reduced.

By using 21 suspension wires braided in a non-rebounding spiral shape, cross modulation distortion is greatly reduced.

The magnetic circuit uses 3-layer laminated pole pieces, ferrite yokes with high magnetic efficiency, and rare-earth cobalt magnets with light mass and high energy to realize wide-band reproduction.

Model Rating
Type MM Cartridge
Structure Shield Case : Super Permalloy
Frame : Die Cast Aluminum Alloy
Needle tip 0. 2x0. 7 mil Solid Diamond Elliptical Needle
Effective mass of vibration system 0.26mg
Operating needle pressure range 0.7g ~ 1.7g (1.2g appropriate)
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 60 kHz
Channel separation 30 dB or More (1 kHz)
25 dB or More (100 Hz to 40 kHz)
Output voltage 2.5 mv (1 khz, 50mm/s, RMS)
Output balance 0.7 dB or Less (1 kHz)
Dynamic Compliance 16x10-6Cm / dyne (100 kHz Horizontal / Vertical)
Static Compliance 25x10-6Cm / dyne (optical)
Vertical tracking angle 19 ゜
Output impedance 2k Ω (1 kHz)
Load resistance 30k Ω ~ 100k Ω (Recommended 47k Ω + 170 pf)
Mounting Dimensions JIS and EIA standards
Exchange needle PN-1000/II(¥21,000)
External dimensions Width 14.8x Height 18x Depth 29 mm
Dead weight 6.4g