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Pioneer PC-1000/II 30,000yen(around the 1976 time)

man-month cartridge which adopted the beryllium pipe cantilever.

The beryllium pipe cantilever which carried out precision molding of the beryllium at the shape of a pipe of 30micro and 0.5mm of outer diameters phi is adopted as a cantilever. This has realized 0.26mg low-mass-ization. Moreover, a large swing and the trances capacity of a super-high region wave are improved by the synergistic effect with the stylus tip which ground the leading end of the natural diamond in ellipse form of 0.2x0.7mil.

The mechanical impedance in a high region is reduced by adopting the one end type of mounting aiming at clarification of the oscillating supporting point.

Cross modulation distortion is sharply reduced by using what carried out the braid of the suspension wire to 21 and the shape of a unopposed spiral.

The ferrite yoke with high pole piece of a three-layer lamination and magnetic efficiency ratio, the rare earth cobalt magnet of low-mass high energy, etc. are adopted as a magnetic circuit, and the wide band play is realized.

Rating of a mode
Form man-month cartridge
Structure Shielding case: Super permalloy
Frame: Aluminum alloy die-casting
Needle point 0.2x0.7mil Naked diamond ellipse needle
Vibration system effective mass 0.26mg
Using stylus-force span 0.7g-1.7g (proper 1.2g)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 60kHz
Channel separation 30dB or more (1kHz)
25dB or more (100Hz - 40kHz)
Output voltage 2.5mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s, RMS)
Output balance 0.7dB or less (1kHz)
Dynamic compliance 16x10 to 6 cm/dyne (100kHz is horizontal and vertical)
Static compliance 25x10 to 6 cm/dyne (OMR)
Perpendicular tracking angle 19 degrees
Output load impedance 2kohm (1kHz)
Load resistance 30kohm - 100kohm (recommendation 47kohm+170pF)
Mounting dimensions Japanese Industrial Standard and EIA specification
Switching needle PN-1000/II(21,000yen)
Dimensions The width 14.8x height 18x depth of 29mm
Self-weight 6.4g