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Pioneer PA-100 13,500yen (around the 1972 time)

The universal type tone arm designed always demonstrate the performance of a cartridge.

The inside force canceller using a magnetic-repulsion action is carried.
Since this scheme does not have the frictional resistance or the temperature change of the organization itself unlike the thing of the principle of the scheme fished with thread, or a lever, the always fixed ability is acquired and it is enabling the outstanding disk play in every location on the record board.
Since it can fluctuate also in a record performance, a bias coordination while carrying out a hearing is possible for the amount of denials.

The height control organization of the hericoid type which combines with all types of phone motor or a cartridge, and can carry out variable [ of the height of a tone arm ] so that it can do is carried.

The arm lifter which uses high viscosity silicon oil without the care about the performance degradation by an oil leakage or a temperature is carried.

The tone arm has adopted the static balance scheme.
Furthermore, it is designed by the weight of two kinds of attached gravities maintain a balance completely from about 11g to 33g.

Once it maintains a lateral balance with the design which set the needle point, and an axis of revolution and a weight axis on the straight line, even if it will change a stylus force by a main wait, a balance does not collapse.

The multiple asynchronously communicating hosts to which the attached lightweight shell can make the needle point location of a cartridge exact is attached.
Moreover, ±2 degree variable is possible for the degree of level of a shell.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo tone arm
Total length 328.5mm
Effective length 237.0mm
Overhang 14.5mm
Tracking error 0.17 degree/cm or less
Balance scheme Static balance scheme
Stylus-force variable span 0g-2.5g
Head shell A plug-in type 4P termination type, an European Standards
Using head self-weight span 11g-33g (cartridge included)
An attached organization Inside force canceller
Lateral balancer
Direct-reading type stylus-force coordination
Direct-reading type height fine tune