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Pioneer SC-70
19,800yen(around the 1969 time)

A compact type stereo preamplifier.

The equalizer amplifier has adopted the three-step hardwired-connection EE feedback type which uses a silicon transistor.
Moreover, FET is adopted as a tone control circuit, while being based on tone control, there is no level fluctuation of compass, and it has become the stable thing.

Two Phono inputs and an AUX input are carried.

Accessories circuitries, such as an audio muting switch and a headphone output, are carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo preamplifier
Output voltage 4V
THD 0.1% or less
0.05% or less (at the time of 2V output)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 60kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono 1, 2:4mV / 50kohm
Tuner, AUX1, 2, Tape Mon:250mV /, 220kohm
Sound-recording output Tape Rec (pin jack): 250mV
Tone control
(3dB step)
Bass: 9dB - 100Hz-+12dB
Treble: 12dB - 10kHz-+9dB
Muting -20dB
A hum, a noise Phono: 80dB or more
AUX: 100dB or more
Power consumption Maxima: 5W
Dimensions Width 300x height 115x depth of 254mm
Weight 4.1kg