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Pioneer SC-100
82,800yen(around the 1971 time)

The preamplifier of a highest-class specification in which all were summarized by the silicon transistor.

Phono which can use three pickups by turns is carried, and since MC amplifier is built in, MC cartridge can also be used. Moreover, Phono2 can switch an input impedance to three steps.
Since the input selector is divided into two lines of the Loule Bell system and a high-level system, the position which is not used at the time of a selection can be made to bypass.

The equalizer amplifier has adopted the three-step hardwired-connection E-E feedback type which uses a low-noise silicon transistor.

The full-scale attenuator type of a 2dB step is adopted as a volume.
Moreover, the 15dB 3 step lever type attenuator which can be used also as a muting switch is also attached.

It is considered so that it may have a margin also in a power transition by adoption of the constant-voltage regulated power supply by zener diode and may follow.

The tone control has adopted the rotary system of 2.5dB step 11 contact which Bass and Treble became independent of.
Moreover, the filter has adopted the electronic formula which does not affect a tone quality but omits only a noise sharply, and Low/High is a two-step revertive about a cut-off frequency.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo preamplifier
Output voltage 5V
THD 0.2% or less
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - 50kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono 1:1.5mV/50kohm
Phono Low: 0.08mV/450 ohms
Phono 2:1.5mV/20, 50, a 100kohm switching
Tape Head: 1.2mV / 150kohm
Tuner, AUX1, 2, Tape Mon:80mV /, 150kohm
Sound-recording output Tape Rec (pin jack): 80mV
Tone control
(2.5dB step)
Bass: 10dB - 50Hz-+15dB
Treble: 10kHz, ±12.5dB
Filter Low filter: -3dB (30Hz, 60Hz)
High filter: -3dB (6kHz, 11kHz)
Muting - 15, -30dB
A hum, a noise Phono: 70dB or more
AUX: 70dB or more
Power consumption Maxima: 5W
Dimensions Width 420x height 170x depth of 295mm
Weight 6.5kg