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Pioneer QM-80
62,000yen(1970 in-the-earlies ?)

Four-channel power amplifier which adopted the whole page hardwired-connection complimentary OCL circuitry.

What combined the relay and the electronic circuitry is adopted as a protection network.

Four independent power meters are carried.

It is applicable also to two-channel 2 way multi-amplifier.

Rating of a mode
Form Four-channel power amplifier
Circuit system Whole page hardwired-connection semi- complimentary OCL circuitry
Music power (IHF) 200W (8ohm)
Effective output (4ch drives) 25W+25W+25W+25W (8 ohm, 0.5% or less of distortion)
THD 0.5% or less (at the time of 1kHz, 2ch drives, and a runtime output)
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - 80000Hz, ±1dB
Output bandwidth (IHF) 10Hz - 50000Hz (4ch drives, 8 ohm, 0.5% or less of distortion)
Input sensitivity/impedance 0.5V/70kohm
Dimensions Width 430x height 145x depth of 337mm
Weight 11.5kg