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Exclusive M5
430,000yen(around the 1982 time)

Monophonic power amplifier carefully finished from the idea "the amplifier for having a music intoxicated."

It returns to the origin of the amplifier design of "amplifying an input signal faithfully and reproducing as an output signal", and the "new super linear circuit" which acquires a property without applying NFB is developed and carried. This banished TIM distortion from the origin and the stability in a high region is secured.

Distortion of switching distortion, crossover distortion, etc. serves as Class-A power amplifier which is not generated theoretically, and the power-source scheme original with M5 which prepared the exclusive power source in Class-A biases is adopted.
By having raised the efficiency ratio of the power source, there is not too much exothermic made into the difficulty of Class-A amplifier.

It puts into practice among all the component partses and constructions, the study is added, the technology which it can have is poured in, and the highest component partses are developed and selected carefully and are used.

The power transformer is designed in quest of the implementation of low leakage flux and the stable regulation.
First, the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line by which polyesters clothing was carried out is adopted as a coil. This coil has improved the regulation by giving the twice as many cross section as this compared with a general thing, and is also suppressing the temperature rise in the one-half. Furthermore, the improvement in S/N is realized by adopting the toroidal scheme which has an effect in a falloff of leakage flux.
In the transformer case, using the resin which are the body not conducting current and non-magnetic material, the silicon carbide powder of a radio-wave absorber is mixed in a fill, and distortion is suppressed. Moreover, the oscillation is reduced by carrying out the floating of the main unit of a transformer from a chassis with rubber.

In order for - quantity region to riot and to prevent a resonance while originating in the structure of a film capacitor, the newly developed film capacitor for pure audios is adopted. tandelta (dielectric loss) has a small polycarbonate and the high degree of insulation, and the material of a film has a compound structure of polypropylene excellent in the RF property. The resonance is prevented by winding this up firmly with a low speed and a high tension, losing wrinkles and stress, and making full use of a still more nearly special volume core and a heat-shrink resin. Moreover, in order to prevent the influence of an external electric field, the double shielding is given with the electric conduction resin case and the electric conduction resin tube.

4 core power cord for audios which added and developed the study from the origin of the power cord is adopted.
By using the high oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line of a conductometric for a conductor, this power cord reduced the loss in the wire rod, and has achieved the nonlinear extensive distorted modification. Furthermore, the cross interferencee of two power transformers was suppressed and the reduction of source impedance is realized.
Moreover, the polyethylene with a low dielectric constant is adopted as an insulator. This reduced the loss and the conductor oscillation is prevented.

In order to be stabilized and to supply the high power of 300W to a speaker, the large-sized output-terminal is newly carried.
The opening for a code interconnection is made large with 3.8x14mm, and makes the speaker cable of the very thick the interconnection possible. Moreover, the connection method with a code serves as a vice type which sticks a code by pressure by the plate of two sheets which carried out the knurling tool manipulation of the inside.
The gilding manipulation is performed to the contact surface and the stability and the robustness are improved.

The fuse for audios which added the study to material etc. anew and was developed is adopted as a fuse.
Conductor resistance is suppressed to about 1/3 by changing mouthpiece material into a pure copper from the conventional brass. Furthermore, it changed into the pure gold group from the composition, and the nonlinearity between the heterogeneous metalses generated inside the composition is improved.
Furthermore, nickel plating which is ferromagnetic material was changed into the tin plating which is non-magnetic material, and a magnetic distortion is banished.

The glass epoxy group board developed in audios is adopted as a substrate, and the nonlinearity is improved by leaps and bounds by using oxygen free high conductivity copper of 99.99% of a purity. Moreover, by changing old 35micro copper into 280micro thick copper, conductor resistance is pressed down to one eighth and the transmit of the stable signal is enabled.
By adopting the glass epoxy group board excellent in the wetproof property, the transition of the electrostatic capacity in a Copper foil was suppressed to the relative minimum, and the leakage in a circuitry is prevented.

Power Speaker
The Terminal

Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Effective output (20Hz - 20kHz) 300W (8ohm)
Input sensitivity/impedance 1V/50kohm
Power window Peak level meter
Power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 250W
Dimensions Width 468x height 203x depth of 410mm
Weight 25.6kg