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PICKERING XV-15/150DJ 12,000yen(around the 1989 time)

mmetafile-input type cartridge of DJ series.

The needle point of DJ series is designed so that a reverse motion can also perform the smooth tracking which does not oppose a transition of a slot.

Also when the rapid brake works, in order to start neither a needle jump nor a tracking error, all DJ serieses perform a normal trances by a heavy stylus force (2g-5g).

The fluorescent-light point sticks at the leading end of a cantilever so that the location of semidarkness of the needle point can be clearly seen.

In order to protect the needle point, peculiar V guarding is equipped.

Rating of a mode
Form metafile-input type cartridge
Needle point form 0.7mil cone needle
Stylus force 2g-4g
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 20kHz
Output voltage 8.0mV
Weight 5.5g
Switching needle D150DJ(9,000yen)