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Stereo cassette recorder with detachable electret condenser microphone.

A buzzer and a lamp indicate the end of the tape.

Slide rail type control is adopted.

Equipped with 3-digit 0 reset tape counter.

Equipped with automatic recording level adjustment function.

Compatible with 2 power supplies, AC and DC.

Model Rating
Type Cassette recorder
Tape Speed 4.75cm/s
Velocity deviation + / - 2%
Wow flutter Not more than 0.35%
Frequency characteristic 60 Hz to 10 kHz 6 dB or less
Signal-to-noise ratio 45 dB or more
Fast-forward and rewind time 70 seconds or less (C-60 tape)
Output 1W
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
9 VDC (Uses 6 AA Batteries)
External dimensions Width 293x Height 61x Depth 190 mm
Weight 2.72 kg (including dry batteries)