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In this speaker system, the mounting method of the unit has been reconsidered from the starting point to achieve high rigidity and no resonance.

The woofer and tweeter are rigidly fixed while being vibrationally independent from the front baffle, and the vibration transmission path between each unit is cut off. This reduces the vibration of the front baffle, which has been the cause of blurred sound images, to less than 1/10 of that of a typical cabinet.

A 35 cm cone type woofer with pure cross carbon diaphragm is mounted in the low range.
Compared to general pure cross carbon, by weaving finer fibers at a higher density, a lightweight cone is realized while maintaining its rigidity.
In addition, for the first time as a woofer unit, a resonance canceling structure is adopted for the diaphragm, and flat sound pressure characteristics and excellent transient characteristics are obtained.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a large magnet of φ 220x φ 110x25tmm and a large voice coil of φ 100 mm to drive the diaphragm with high fidelity.

The mid-range is equipped with a newly developed diamond-bonded film diaphragm made by our original manufacturing method and an 8 cm dome type squaker that combines resonance resolution technology.
The diaphragm of this unit is a diamond-bonded film diaphragm formed with ultra-hard diamond on the diaphragm surface by further developing the plasma nitriding method, in which the base material of titanium itself is made into ceramic to increase the rigidity, and excellent hardness is obtained.
In addition, the adoption of a diaphragm structure that eliminates resonance by laser processing thoroughly suppresses distortion in the time domain.

A 2.5 cm dome type tweeter with a diamond-bonded film diaphragm is installed in the high range as well as in the middle range.
In addition, a diaphragm structure that eliminates high-frequency resonance peaks is employed to improve high-speed response and transient.

High-quality parts selected through repeated trial listening are used in the network section, and a zircon sand filled network box is introduced to eliminate the slight influence of vibration of parts.
Most of the network components that do not interfere with each other even if they are close to each other are contained in a dedicated network box, which is filled with high-density zircon sand. This eliminates microvibration of network components and eliminates distortion caused by unwanted resonance of network components.
The choke coil is three dimensionally arranged outside the network box to minimize mutual interference.
Furthermore, in order to maintain the purity of the network, no printed circuit board or solder is used, and each element wiring is directly connected with crimp terminals.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass reflex system, Bookshelf Type
Units Used Low Band : 35 cm, Cone Type
For Middle Area : 8 cm Dome Type
For high-pass : 2.5 cm dome type
Playback frequency band 20 Hz to 45000 Hz
Crossover frequency 400 Hz, 3500 Hz
Max Input 300W
Impedance 4 Ω
Output sound pressure 90dB/W/m
Cabinet internal volume 113L
External dimensions Width 432x Height 756x Depth 490 mm
Weight 73.5kg
Attachment Dust cover