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ONKYO Scepter 5001
400,000yen(one set, the October, 1986 release)

The speaker system which reexamined the mounting scheme of the unit from the origin, and planned the thorough high rigidity and the absent resonance.

It fixes to a rigid, making a Woofer and a tweeter become independent of a front baffle in oscillation, and the technique of intercepting the oscillating channels of communication of each inter-unit further is taken. This is reducing the oscillation of the front baffle constituting the cause of the blot of the image or less of a common cabinet to 1/10.

The 35cm cone type Woofer which used the pure cross carbon diaphragm is carried in low-pass.
By knitting up a finer fiber with high density as compared with common pure cross carbon, the cone lightweight as it is is realized for rigidity.
Moreover, the vibration dissolution structure is adopted as a diaphragm for the first time as a Woofer unit, and the flat sound pressure property and the outstanding transient are gained.
Furthermore, the large-sized magnet of phi220xphi110x25tmm and a phi100mm large-diameter voice coil are carried, and the diaphragm is driven with high fidelity.

The newly developed diamond joint coat diaphragm by an original process and the 8cm dome shape squawker with which the vibration dissolution technology was united are carried in the mid range.
The diaphragm of this unit developed further the plasma night rye dead way which ceramics-izes the base material of titanium itself and high-rigidity-izes it, and has obtained the hardness which is a diamond joint coat diaphragm in which the super-hard diamond was formed on the diaphragm top layer, and was excellent.
Furthermore, by adoption of the vibration dissolution structure diaphragm by a laser beam machining, distortion by a time-domain is suppressed thoroughly.

The 2.5cm dome shape tweeter which adopted the diamond joint coat diaphragm like the mid range is carried in the high region.
Furthermore, the diaphragm structure which cancels the peek of a high region vibration is adopted, and the high-speed responsibility and the transient are raised.

The quality part chosen by the repetition of the audition is used for a network part, and also in order to eliminate the slight influence which an oscillation of a part has, the zircon sand filling network TAP box is introduced.
Even if it made it approach, the component partses of most networks without the problem of a cross interferencee were stored in the dedicated-network TAP box, and this is filled up with the increased specific gravity zircon sand. The fine oscillation of a network part was removed by this, and distortion by unnecessary vibration of network parts is eliminated.
Moreover, about a choke coil, a three-dimensional placement is carried out on the outside of a network TAP box, and the mutual interference is made into the minimum.
Furthermore, in order to maintain a network purity, neither the printed circuit board nor a pewter was used, but each element product line is direct connected with the crimp type terminal.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 35cm and a cone type
For mid ranges: 8cm dome shape
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Play frequency band 20Hz - 45000Hz
Cross over frequency 400Hz, 3500Hz
The maximum input 300W
Impedance 4ohm
Output sound pressure 90dB/W/m
Cabinet internal volume 113L
Dimensions Width 432x height 756x depth of 490mm
Weight 73.5kg
Adjunct Book jacket