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Picture of Monitor 2000X

This speaker system was developed in search of the expressive power of a speaker system that cannot be measured by the mere specification of the presence of music.

A 34 cm cone type unit is used for the low range.
The diaphragm uses a pure cross carbon diaphragm made of plain-woven carbon fiber and molded into cone with a special epoxy resin binding material that adds excellent internal loss.
Also, the magnetic circuit uses a magnet of φ 200x φ 95x25tmm magnetic flux density of 14150 gauss.

The mid-range uses a 10 cm composite unit that combines pure cross carbon and plasma-nitrided titanium.
As with the tweeter, it employs a diaphragm structure that eliminates high-frequency resonance, making the frequency characteristics wider and flatter, and improving transient characteristics.

A 2.5 cm dome-shaped unit is used for the high range.
The diaphragm is made of plasma-nitrided titanium, the first in the world to have a surface hardened by the plasma method, and has a structure that eliminates high-frequency resonance.
By mounting a copper ring around the pole part, together with high magnetic flux density by the cooperative magnetic circuit, current distortion and magnetic distortion are greatly reduced.
In addition, the high range purity is further enhanced by using a special damping material that blocks unnecessary vibration of the cabinet.

Each element of the network is distributed in three bands for each band of woofer, squaker, and tweeter to suppress reciprocal induction.
In addition, by using electrical circuit techniques such as concentrated one point grounding and high-quality parts, and by eliminating the attenuator for level control, the coloring caused by the network is eliminated and the sound quality of the unit is strictly maintained.

The enclosure uses high-density particleboards 40 mm in front, 30 mm in back, and 25 mm in side plates to ensure high rigidity.
In addition, a large radius of 40 mm is provided on the side of the front baffle in order to improve sound field and sense of orientation, and a tapered round baffle is also adopted on the upper side.
A bass reflex port on the back of the system prevents the sound emitted from the port from interfering with the sound emitted from the speaker unit.
The baffle surface has been completely flattened to bring the acoustic reflection caused by decorative emblems and level controllers closer to 0.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass reflex system, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For low band : 34 cm cone type
For Medium Range : 10 cm Cone Type
For high-pass : 2.5 cm dome type
Playback frequency band 25 Hz to 50000 Hz
Crossover frequency 500 kHz, 4000 Hz
Impedance 6 Ω
Max Input 250W(EIAJ)
Output sound pressure level 91dB/W/m
Cabinet internal volume 75L
External dimensions 418 mm W x 732 mm H x 396 mm D (including RUNNET)
Weight 43kg