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The pictorial image of GrandSepter GS-1

ONKYO GrandSepter GS-1
1,200,000yen(one set, the July, 1984 release)

The speaker system made by the theory of completely new a design and a measurement on the theme of reproducing " carrying out and carrying out "eliminating distortion of a time-domain completely" of the "time correctly.

Two units which adopted the powerful magnet, the small caliber diaphragm, and the large-diameter voice coil are carried in the Woofer. Furthermore, by applying a horn loading to all the bands, the low-pass latency which happens by transition of the phase response near fo is improved.

In order to remove the unnecessary signal component-multipath ghost distortion and reverb distortion accompanied by a time-lag, the curve which three, the cross section of a horn, form, and an impedance, interlock, and changes smoothly is developed, and the new vibration suppression method which absorbs an enclosure oscillation is performed.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 3 speaker all horn scheme, and a floor type
Using unit Low-pass: 28cm(W3060A)2x2
High region: Horn type tweeter (TW502801A)
Play frequency band 20Hz - 20000Hz
The maximum input 300W(EIAJ)
The moment maximum input 2000W
Impedance 8ohm
Cross over frequency 800Hz
Output sound pressure 88dB/W/m
At the time of an external equalizer using: 100dB[/W ]/m
Dimensions Width 630x height 1060x depth of 615mm (saran net included)
Weight 117kg (77kg of the Woofer sections, 40kg of the Tweeter sections)