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Image of D-1AV

This is a speaker system equivalent to an improved version of the D-1R, which is designed for AV applications and is magnetically resistant.
Each unit is equipped with a canceling magnet that cancels the magnetic field line from the magnet, making it possible to set it close to a CRT.

A 21.5 cm cone type woofer with a delta olefin corrected vibration plate is used for the low range.
A 2.5 cm soft dome type tweeter is used for the high-frequency band, and a 2.0 cm soft dome type tweeter is used for the ultra-high-frequency band.

Each unit is equipped with a heat-resistant voice coil for improved input resistance.

Equipped with level control.

Model Rating
Method 3-way 3-speaker air suspension system
Bookshelf Type / Magnetic Shielding Type
Units Used For low band : 21.5 cm cone type
For High Pass : 2.5 cm Soft Dome Type
For Super High Band : 2.0 cm Soft Dome Type
Playback frequency band 45 Hz ~ 30000 Hz
Max Input 80W
Impedance 6 Ω
Output sound pressure 91dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 1500 Hz, 10000 Hz
Cabinet internal volume 14.5L
External dimensions Width 235x Height 400x Depth 243 mm
Weight 8kg