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The pictorial image of Integra U-30

ONKYO Integra U-30
68,000yen(April, 1977 release)

The system unit which began the selector and packed various change-over switches and a power meter into one.

Multi-functionalization can be measured by connecting with Integra P-303.

Rating of a mode
Form System unit
Selector Phono: Three lines
Tuner (Aux): Three lines
Tape monitor 1, 2, Source
Rec mode 1->2, 2->1, Rec, off
Pre out 1, 2, 1&2, off
Mode stereo (normal, reverse)
mono (L+R, L, R)
Speakers 1, 2, 1&2, off
Meter selector SP (speaker output peek power meter)
Pre out (preamplifier Output voltage)
Dimensions Width 450x height 83x depth of 360mm
Weight 6kg