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68,000yen(May 15, 2001 release)

The AV amplifier carrying Dolby prologic IBM PCN II or a mpeg-2 AAC decoder.

The conventional Dolby prologic which was able to enjoy 2ch source only by 4ch surround is developed further, and Dolby prologic IBM PCN II which realized the 5.1ch play is carried. Surround mode can be chosen from the Dolby prologic IBM PCN II Movie of a movie orientation, and the Dolby prologic IBM PCN II Music of a music orientation.
Furthermore, the mpeg-2 AAC decoder adopted by the BS digital TV broadcast is also carried.

Initial setting, a tuner control, a switchover of the input source, etc. equip a smart scan navigator, and enable the simple operation. Moreover, the custom-made setups has also become possible, each input selector can be made to be able to memorize listening mode, the signal level which changes delicately for every input device or source with intelligent volume functionalities can be adjusted, or the setups according to each busy condition can be performed.

The discrete stream-composition 5ch power amplifier by a new-installation meter is carried in the amplifier part.
Moreover, the audio-oriented high 24-bit crystal DSP processor, the 96kHz / 24 bitD/A converter for carrying out an analog translation with high precision, and the aluminum extrusion large-sized heat sink are adopted.

The wide-range amplifier technology WRAT corresponding to DVD-Audio or SACD is introduced.

The optimum gain volume circuitry which raises S/N by the optimal attenuation control is carried.

The non scaling configuration which prevents a failure of the dynamic range and S/N which happen at the time of a down mix is carried.

The cinema Li equalizer (Re-EQ) which rectifies so that the same sound field as a movie theater may be obtained by family environment is carried.

The speaker impedance selector which can use a 4-ohm speaker is carried.

The audio / video-system separation substrate which prevents mixing of a noise and protects the purity of a signal are adopted.

The speaker terminal corresponding to all the channel banana plugs is adopted.

Digital one / analog automatic-input change functionality is carried.

The power-on volume functionality in which the level at the time of the power source ON can be set up is carried.

The 40-game preset FM/AM tuner is built in.

The learning remote control which has set beforehand the operation code of main manufactures' audio-visual apparatus is attached.
The macrofacility which summarizes the continuous remote control operation on one button also carries in this remote control.

Internal DSP

Rating of a mode
Form AV amplifier
<Amplifier part>
Output power 100Wx5ch (6 ohm, 1kHz, THD0.1%)
75Wx5ch (8 ohm, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD0.08%)
Dynamic power (4ohm) 155Wx2
THD (at the time of an Output power) 0.08%
Cross modulation distortion (at the time of an Output power) 0.08%
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 200mV / 50kohm
Phono man month: 2.5mV / 50kohm
SubWoofer pre output 1V/470 ohm
Frequency characteristic (Line) 10Hz-100kHz+1 -3dB (at the time of a stereo)
SN ratio (IHF-A) compact disk, Tape: 100dB
Phono MM:80dB
The tone control maximum variation Bass: ±10dB (50Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (20kHz)
Dumping factor (a front, 8ohm) 60
An Output voltage/impedance Rec out Tape/Video: 200mV / 2.2kohm
Phono RIAA deflection 20Hz-20kHz±0.8dB
<Image part>
S image termination input/output sensitivity / impedance Y signal: 1 Vp-p/75ohms
C signal: 0.28 Vp-p/75ohms
An composite connector input/output sensitivity / impedance 1 Vp-p/75ohms
<Tuner part>
Practical speed mono: 1.0 microvolts / 11.2dBf
stereo: 2.0 microvolts / 17.2dBf
SN ratio FM mono:76dB
FM stereo:70dB
THD FM mono:0.2%
FM stereo:0.3%
Surround mode Orchestra
All Ch Stereo
TV Logic
Video input S terminal: Four lines
Composite connector: Four lines
Image output S terminal: Two lines
Composite connector: Two lines
Voice input Digital termination: Four lines (a coaxial 2, light 2)
Analog termination: Seven lines
Multi-ch analog: 5.1ch
Voice output Analog termination: Two lines
Pre output: One line (subWoofer)
Speaker output-terminal: Seven lines
Headphone jack: One line
Power consumption 210W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 435x height 175x depth of 431mm
Weight 12.5kg
Adjunct Remote control