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The pictorial image of Integra A-1E ver.2

ONKYO Integra A-1E ver.2
200,000yen(around the 1994 time)

The Integrated Amplifier which improved the basic operation and using element of the circuitry based on A-1E of the Qwest Integra series, and was developed.

With common amplifier, in order to prevent troubles, such as an oscillation, the phase correction which suppresses a high region property carried out the in-use cage, these worsened the nakedness property of amplifier, and it had had an ill effect on the tone quality.
The outstanding frequency characteristic extended to 200kHz or more was realized by reducing this phase correction as much as possible, tone-quality influence prepared the phase compensator in little circuitry, and it has solved by selecting carefully and using component partses A-1Ever2.

The output filter coil is abolished and the comfortable high region property is conjointly realized with the flat dumping technology which secures the flat dyne ping factor property within an audio frequency band.
Moreover, it has succeeded in reducing the amount of negative feedbacks of an overall by what the distortion of the high region reduced.

By lowering the Output load impedance of a circuitry, the electromotive force produced according to the inertia of a speaker has eliminated the ill effect which it has on the mechanism of an amplifier circuitry of operation.
Moreover, the real-time temperature-compensation circuitry is adopted, the bias variation accompanying a transition of a load intensity or a music signal is reduced, and the stability of operation is raised.

The blue capacitor of the development number 923 which spent three years of years on the development, and repeated the trial production to it since it was compatible to the capacitor of a power-source part in the opposite requirements of obtaining a feeling of energy and a high resolution is carried.
Moreover, toroidal type LASER and r eggplant of a super-low leakage flux property are carried in the power transformer.
Furthermore, generous 15A type bridge rectifier diode is adopted.

The all aluminum extrusion molding monocoque chassis of the high rigidity and non-magnetic material of 9mm of front panel part thickness is adopted as a chassis. The precision which is ±0.5mm is made to the error by high precision processing technology, and this chassis is preparing many ribs in an inside-and-outside side, and is aiming at the rigid improvement in a chassis, and the reduction of the unnecessary vibration.
Furthermore, isolated rate mounting of a transformer, a heat sink, and the printed circuit board is carried out with the chassis by the insulator, E. I. du Pont de Nemours Cau LeAnn is employed as the insulator supporting a chassis, and an absent resonance and high-rigidity thought are put into practice.

The acknowledged terminal made from WBT is adopted as a speaker termination.
Moreover, the PIN termination is using the newly produced rigid high brass shaving payment plating terminal. It supposes at a fixture of a rear panel two right-and-left 1 pairs stop, and is fixing to a rigid.
Moreover, the space character of a terminal on either side also secures 18mm, and enables the using of the very-thick PIN plug.

The thorough parts, such as a high-order-accuracy dual transistor for the measuring instruments in a differential-amplification part, contest a film of the precision resister of ±0.1% of an error, a low-distortion volume, and a roederstein company, the 70-micrometer Copper-foil printed circuit board, are adopted.

A Monocoque

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz) 50W+50W (8ohm)
85W+85W (4ohm)
Dynamic power (1kHz) 80W+80W (8ohm)
140W+140W (4ohm)
230W+230W (2ohm)
THD (20Hz - 20kHz, 8ohm) 0.02% (at the time of an Output power)
0.01% (at the time of 10W output)
Cross modulation distortion (70Hz : 7kHz = 4:1 or 8ohm) 0.02% (at the time of an Output power)
Power Band Width 10Hz - 100kHz (IHF-3dB, THD 0.2%)
Dumping factor 300 (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) or more
Slew rate 80v/microsecond
A gain/phase 36dB / inphase
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-100kHz+0 -1.5 dB
S/N ratio (A-Weighted, input short-circuit) CD:112dB
Channel separation 75dB (compact disk, 1kHz-termination, 100Hz - 10kHz)
Input sensitivity/impedance compact disk, Tuner, Line1, 2, Tape Play:300mV /, 25kohm
Sound-recording output Tape Rec Out:300mV
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption
(Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law specification)
Dimensions Width 435x height 85x depth of 374mm
Weight 9.3kg